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In yet another example of my habit of spending money that I shouldn't, I hit up my neighborhood Goodwill on Friday to scope out the racks for vintage gems. As luck would have it, I scored this great vintage wool blazer for a mere $5! This is what I love about thrifting. A nice wool blazer purchased in a department store would easily cost upwards of $100 or more but this super cute vintage one was a tiny fraction of that!
I especially like the brand, "Lady Thomson". Wonder who Lady Thomson was?
So here's the problem. While the blazer fits perfectly in the shoulders and arms, it probably needs to be taken in a good 2 inches on the side seams. (Please excuse the weird picture of me below in my pajamas. I have finally purchased a tri-pod for my camera, so soon I will be able to take pictures without the aid of a mirror and maybe, if you're lucky, I'll decide to put on real clothes and actually brush my hair. But probably not...)
As you can probably tell by the picture, my hips and stomach look huge in this blazer, and while I did inexplicably gain 5 pounds this summer that I can. not. get. off., I'm not that wide in real, non-blazer life. I know this is a relatively simple fix but I am SUPER lazy when it comes to altering things with linings. Ugh. Anyway, I know I need to unpick the lining at the hem and then just take in both the lining and the wool, but do any of you experts out there have any magic tips for taking in jackets or is it as simple as it seems?

Hope you all are having a fabulous week!


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Looks like it was made for you. Add a maxi skirt and nice boots.

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All you need to do is find the place in the sleeve where they closed up the lining. Undo it there and you should be able to take in the side seams easily after you turn it inside out. Then all you have to do is sew the sleeve lining back together when your done. Hope that helps.