Friday, May 23, 2014

Me Made May 2014: Days 12-17

I'm way behind on posting these updates, so I'm breaking this one up over 2 days. So here's Me-Made-May Days 12-17. In these pictures you can tell I'm already getting sick of taking my picture everyday!
Day 12
Dress: Green Polka Dot (This is an old one so I can't figure out which pattern I used)

Day 13
Sweater: Forever 21
Top: Grainline's Tiny Pocket Tank with Lace Overlay (shown below and unblogged)
Skirt: JCrew Factory

I LOVE this lace piece! It's from this Etsy shop.

Day 14
Dress: McCalls 6711 (unblogged)

Day 15
Top: Deer & Doe Plantain (unblogged)
Skirt: Burda Jenny Skirt  (unblogged)

Day 16
Dress (worn as top): McCalls 6112

Day 17
Top: Obviously the same one as above. This was our anniversary weekend so I did no sewing and wore repeats...
I'll post the next set tomorrow. And then I need to start blogging about all these new things I've made! Getting back into the blog has been a slow process but I'm going to make it happen!
Happy Weekend Darlings!


  1. you have some awesome makes in here and great styling. happy anniversary!

  2. I love every single outfit! And now excuse me while I go shopping for lace, because your tank is stunning.