Me-Made-March Wardrobe Inventory

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As it's the night before Me-Made-March, I decided to inventory my work-appropriate sewn wardrobe. Currently I have nine finished dresses, 3 blouses and 2 skirts. I also have 5 other dresses that I can wear on the weekends (that is, if I'm planning on going somewhere appropriate to be wearing sequins or mini-dresses...). Obviously I can make these items stretch for the 23 work days that will be part of my modified challenge, but I'm trying to be an overachiever and have a new item for every weekday of the month.

So my rather ambitious plan for this week (possible because I will be a complete hermit this weekend and not leave my apartment, even for food) is to sew a slightly longer version of the dress on the far left (Simplicity 3835 view B) with this great Moda grey and teal floral print, and the top shirt on the right (McCalls M5884 view A) but with a ruffle along the neckline instead of a tie. I got the crazy jungle print satin from JoAnns. I'm also planning to put the finishing touches (zipper installation and hemming) on a teal version of The Selfish Seamstress's coffee date dress and a white sheath dress, as well as re-working 2 vintage dresses I picked up at an estate sale a few weeks ago.

Hope I can get it all done!