MMM Days 16-20

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So slow in posting lately! Here's the rundown from the 16th-20th...

Day 16: Dress made from Butterick 5211 and a satin print from Hancock Fabrics. This is a great example of why this challenge is so good for seamstresses! This is the second dress I ever made and after I finished it I only wore it once, probably because I knew where all the mistakes were. However, a year later, the mistakes don't bother me as much!

Day 17: This dress was a quick re-do for St. Patrick's Day (I'm part Irish so I have to wear green!). As you can see, it was rather large, with longer sleeves and was un-hemmed. I cut it down, hemmed it and re-did the sleeves late Wednesday night so I could wear it to my really hectic Thursday that ended with corned beef and cabbage, Irish beer and shortbread.

Day 18: Dress from Butterick 5319, quilting cotton from JoAnns. Probably the first dress I've made that I felt was really decent and relatively mistake free!

Day 19: A quick Saturday remake that I threw together when I found out there were dinner plans with old friends in 2 hours. The skirt was a size 22, so I pretty much cut it in half, put elastic in the top and threw on a belt. Love! (In the background you can see half of my way too prolific shoe collection...)

Day 20: Sunday running around outfit is a remake from another large dress that I took in, added an elastic waist to and made a fabric belt.

Finally, a picture of my Friday estate sale finds! A little more than I would normally pay for fabric but still cheaper than the fabric store! Also, the whole bag of thread was $5 and has several brand new spools, way cheaper than buying it from JoAnns! All the fabrics are cotton except for the purple, which is jersey. I'm thinking there's a pencil skirt, a couple of button down shirts and a dress or two in there!


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Oohhh, I have a red pleated skirt I bought from a charity shop in February intending to put elastic at the top and wear it as a dress. Now I know I'm not crazy. Love your green dress.

April 26, 2011 at 10:11 AM delete

Thanks! It was super easy, you should definitely do it!

Sassy T
May 9, 2013 at 10:46 AM delete

Fabulous Butterick 5211 is on the top of my wishlisdt. Love it.