As if I needed another craft related hobby...

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So I'm developing a new hobby. Jewelry making. Not a good thing considering how much money I already spend on sewing and embroidery supplies (and I never embroider!). Anyway, I've been into this idea of making jewelry from sewing-related items, rather than traditional beads, chains, pendants, etc.

It all started with this tutorial from one of my Burda magazines this spring (sorry, can't remember which one!)

I thought this cuff looked pretty easy and cute, so I bought a doily from JoAnns and some fabric stiffener called Stiffy. And yes, I totally giggle every time I see the bottle.

The tutorial suggests dipping the doily in the stiffener but I didn't want to deal with pouring it into another container, so I just draped some plastic wrap over the bottle (which conveniently is the same size as my wrist), put the doily on top and painted on the stiffener.

I didn't take a picture of it but once it dried I threaded a ribbon through the back as a closure. I'm trying to decide if I like the white or if I want to paint it metallic like the Burda one. It's kind of huge and bold but I think with the right dress it will be really cute. Also, I'm planning to start looking out for different sizes in thrift stores (I know they usually have a million of these things), because I'm thinking this might make a cute gift...

After the success of the cuff, I started looking for other things I could soak in fabric stiffener and I found this lace in my stash with a perfect daisy design.

I basically just trimmed around the flowers, painted them with stiffener and added a jump ring and earring post. So easy and I've gotten several compliments on them.

Now I'm working on something with pom pom ball trim. I'm not revealing too much yet because I'm not sure if it's going to work but stay tuned!

Also, thanks for your input last week on whether or not I should Sew Along with Sunni! I think I am going to wait and participate in the sew-a-long. Mostly because I have 10 other projects cut out in addition to the dress, so I definitely have things to do until it starts.

Anyway, hope you all are having a fabulous day!


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Really cute idea for a cuff!

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Such a fun project! Your post is so timely for me. I have been hearting a bagillion beads on Etsy thinking to myself, " I should take up making necklaces and bracelets, that way I always have jewelry to match my outfits". I don't need another money sucking hobby either, lol.