The Incredible Expanding Pink Clovers

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Warning. The following pictures contain:

a. greasy mullet hair
b. a too tight, old, grimey white t-shirt
c. visible bra lines
d. my midriff
e. incredible expanding pants

Still here? You're brave. Ok, let's disuss my pink clovers. Ironically, I was planning on posting these pants today anyway, but was validated when I saw this post by Mika of Savory Stitches. So here's the deal. My pants are growing. Just like Mika's. I used exactly the same pattern as my black clovers, along with some pink stretch corduroy from Gorgeous Fabrics and they are stretching out like crazy! Even after washing them in hot water and sticking them in the dryer!

They start out sort of normal fitting in the morning, then they become this mess by lunch...

I'm sorry you have to see this. It's for scientific purposes only...
If only this problem was due to weight loss. I mean, this could seriously be in an ad for some Kardashian-promoted diet pill.
Please ignore my dying basil plant in the background. Why do I insist on trying to grow plants when my aparment is a dark cave?
So the plan for now is, like Mika, to take apart the waistband and take them in on the outside leg seams until they fit correctly again. I really don't wan't to take them apart entirely, and I certainly don't want to deal with the inseam or crotch seam. Does anyone have any other suggestions for this craziness? Or is this basically an excuse for me to eat ice cream until I grow into them?


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June 27, 2012 at 7:36 PM delete

I'm glad I'm in good company. (And bonus points to you for posting pictures! Also, I'm a plant killer too.) I too believe that ice cream may be the solution to fitting into stretched out pants. But then you are faced with the perhaps more problematic too-small everything else.

liza jane
June 28, 2012 at 9:01 AM delete

I hate to say it, but they may not be save-able. My beignet skirt I made a while back did the same thing. I used a stretch twill and the stretch "wore out" for lack of better description. It got wider and wider and wouldn't go back. It's a problem with the fabric, I guess. Of course I never tried taking it in again.

June 28, 2012 at 10:47 AM delete

I'd take the ice cream solution :-)
I'm not sure if other solutions help. It could be fabrics fault. Still it's always worth trying... The colour is great.