What I Actually Wore This Weekend...

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You may remember my post on Friday showing off my Lonsdale that I was planning to wear to a wedding this weekend. Many of you left super lovely comments. You are all fabulous and I love you for being such self esteem builders!

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. Here's what happened and what I actually ended up wearing this weekend...

So the wedding was at 2pm on Saturday at a church in downtown San Angelo, TX. The fiancé was a groomsman, so he had to be there at 12:45 for pictures. Our hotel was a good 15-20 minutes away from the church and based on some strolling around before the rehearsal dinner the night before, the downtown seemed to have several cute shops, so I decided to get dressed with the fiancé, drop him off, park the car with my heels inside, don some flip-flops and spend an hour browsing before the wedding.

I hit up a cute dress shop and bought a fun necklace, then walked next door to a great old fashioned soda fountain, where one of the lovely ladies working there complimented my dress. Turns out she sews too so I told her all about Sewaholic patterns, so hopefully she'll become a new customer! Next, I headed to a cute antique store run by half a dozen ladies who reminded me of my grandmother. I was at the counter purchasing a great vintage tablecloth when one of the ladies complimented my dress. When I told her I made it, all the ladies came over to see it and asked me to show them the back with the cute bow.

I turned around and to my horror heard one of them say "honey that dress is really cute but its split up the back and I can see your pink underwear"! WHAT??? Oh, by the way, at this point it's 1:30, 30 minutes before the wedding. A few of the sweet women who worked there tried to help but it turned out the zipper had split open under the pull and it would not cooperate at all. I ran to the store's bathroom and tried to work with it to no avail. Luckily, the ladies had safety pins, so I pinned the dress back up and ran to my car, where I hightailed it to the hotel to change. Luckily I brought the following dress with me to wear to lunch with the fiancé’s parents on Sunday, so I didn't have to show up at the wedding in my jeans and I actually ended up only being 5 minutes late to the ceremony. In the end I think it was divine intervention. We danced the night away at the reception and the shoes I was planning to wear with the Lonsdale would have KILLED my feet. I went with a comfy pair of wedges to match this dress. Much better. 
Anyway, on to the dress!

I only wonder how many people in San Angelo saw my underwear before that lady pointed it out!

This fabric came from Etsy sometime last year. It's a 1940's pink cotton lawn with tiny white flowers with navy stems. I love love love it but had a hard time figuring out what to do with it. It was only 36" inches wide and I had about 2.5 yards, so I figured it would have to be a short, strapless dress. I ended up using Simplicity 1876, from the Leanne Marshall line. I used the top from view B and the skirt from view A. It went together really easily and I even got to use some techniques from Gertie's Bombshell course (namely, inserting boning and using twill tape to shape the cups). The only problem is I cut a size 10, hoping it would fit snugly and it's a little too big. I took in the bust seams along the top about 1/4 of an inch each, which helped a little but the waistline is still too big and makes me look wider than I am.

I was hoping I would be able to wear it sans belt, but I think it makes up for the too-big waistline. Plus, looking at the pictures, I think it's necessary to break up all the pinkness.

Here's a shot of the inside with the lining and boning.

All in all I definitely like this dress and will make it again. The skirt has a cute gathering detail on the side seams that you can't really see with this print but I really like. But next time I make it I'll cut an 8 so I can avoid the lack of waist definition.

Ok, now that I've shared my visible underwear horror story with you, has anyone else had something similarly embarrassing happen to them?


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liza jane
July 3, 2012 at 8:45 AM delete

Oh noooooo.... but at least you had another super cute dress to wear. That belt is really cool. And at least you figured out your undies were showing BEFORE you showed up at the wedding!

July 3, 2012 at 7:21 PM delete

OH NO! I'm so sorry! That's so traumatic!! I'm really glad you had a second dress ready to go! Yikes! I've never had anything quite like that happen to me before, but I slipped out of Sunday mass to use the restroom once as a teen, and luckily, one other lady who was hanging out in the foyer caught me before I went back in-- my dress was completely tucked into my nylons in the back, so everyone would have seen my undies!

July 16, 2012 at 9:51 AM delete

Hi, I stumbled across this via someone else's sewing blog ... (can't remember who!)

I had this happen just a few weeks ago. I went on a day trip to Chicago, and realized at the end of the day, while trying something on in a boutique, that there was a GIANT rip in the seat of my (new, RTW) capris, and my underwear had been in full view all day. Explains all the weird looks I was getting...ack.

Glad the ladies at the store helped you out. Love your dress!

July 19, 2012 at 12:25 PM delete

Oh man, glad to know I'm not the only one!