Pattern Buying Binge

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I got some not so great news on Wednesday. It's fine, my life will go on, but it was kind of a bummer to hear mid-morning. So what does a girl who lives in material world do when she's having a bad day? Go shopping of course... I received a postcard earlier in the week informing me that a local JoAnns was closing (thankfully not the one by my house) and vultures were requested to come pick it clean. Who could resist?

I assumed that I would binge on fabric and come home with a million more yards that it will take me years to sew, but in fact, the fabric was only on sale for 33% off, which as any faithful JoAnns shopper knows, is not the best discount you can get. Instead I focused on patterns and nearly fainted when I saw that Vogue patterns were $1 each! However, I quickly discovered that other vultures had been there before me and made off with all the Vogues. The bright side was, Burda patterns were $1.99 and there were plenty to go around!

Altogether I bought 12 or 13 patterns, but I'm super excited about a few. I had this obsession with making a tuxedo for the past few months, based on the fabulousness of these ladies...

Then Burda read my mind with this post... So luckily, I found these two patterns in the Burda sale that I think will make my dream come true!

Also, a few menswear patterns. The boyfriend acted like it would be cool if I made him clothes but I can't tell if he was just being nice...

Finally, I'm moving forward with the Opera Dress from Chic and Simple Sewing for the wedding this weekend but I switched up the fabric. I felt like this one was a little more summery, and since I'm not sure how casual or formal the wedding will be, this felt more like it could go either way. The problem is, the two nights this week I was hoping to devote to sewing were eaten up with other things so the fabric is cut but I'll only have this afternoon to put it together. I know it's super easy but time limits always make me nervous!



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Meg the Grand
June 24, 2011 at 12:06 PM delete

Vogue patterns for a $1???? OMG. Love the Burda ones you picked up, especially the menswear. I keep meaning to make the boyfriend a shirt but the muslin came out as a big ol fail. Your tuzedo outfit it going to be stellar - cant wait to see it!

June 25, 2011 at 1:46 AM delete

Nice patten finds! The tuxedo will be fun. Good luck finishing the dress - the fabric is gorgeous!

July 1, 2011 at 11:28 AM delete

I'm a little scared to make something he'll actually wear! Plus, menswear seems like so much more work!