Me Made May Days 16-25

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My sister has pointed out to me what a terrible blogger I've been lately and she's totally right. So sorry for my negligent behavior, I'll get my act together soon!

Day 16
Navy blue pencil skirt
Worn for: back at work and busy with meetings

Day 17
Worn for: more work meetings,
bad idea to take a vacation the first half of this week!

Day 18
Worn for: work luncheon to honor our volunteers, got to hang out with my favorite Irish nuns

Days 19 & 20
So I've discovered a flaw in the Me-Made-May plan. I've had several days this month that I consider "work days". AKA they involve heavy duty cleaning, painting, etc, so I don't have anything Me-Made to wear! This weekend was spent scrubbing the fiance's house to get it ready to put on the market, so obviously I needed to wear old grubby clothes and I haven't been sewing long enough to consider any of my Me-Made clothes old and grubby. What's a Me-Made-May girl to do? 

Day 21
Worn for work, then a special screening of Pretty Woman at my favorite movie theater

Day 22
Worn for: work and dinner with a friend

Day 23
Re-fashioned top and old faithful denim pencil skirt
Worn for: work, meetings and a yummy dinner

Day 24
Another "work day", but this time at work. We're doing construction on one of our buildings so we spent the day moving furniture and cleaning. Definitely a day for grubby old jeans and t-shirts.

Day 25
Worn for: work, errand running, lunch at one of my favorites,
and a Game of Thrones marathon

Only one more week of May, which has proved to be a trying month. Hopefully June will be better and will be full of new sewing projects! Also, it will be awesome not to have to take my picture everyday! It gets old doesn't it?

Me Made May Week 2

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I'm back! Sorry I've been a little MIA lately, but between packing and moving the fiance to Ohio (St. Clairsville to be exact), talking a little family vacation and getting through some work craziness, I've been a little pre-occupied! I have managed to keep up with the Me-Made-May challenge though, for the most part. Here's the second week of May, I'll have the third week up tomorrow, then hopefully I'll have some new projects to show you!

Day 6
Worn for: hanging out around the house and doing nothing...
Day 7
Denim pencil skirt and altered silk blouse (not blogged about but from Chico's, yikes)
Worn for: work & extreme heat (that's why I'm fanning myself)

Day 8
Worn for: work work work

Day 9:
Worn for: work work work

Day 10:
Worn for: more work work work

Day 11
Black Clovers & altered white button down
Worn for: channeling Rizzo from Grease, work, lunch with my love, errand running

Day 12
I opted out from MMM Saturday. I woke up early to help the fiance move, then headed back to my house to sleep, rest, be a little sad, and generally do nothing. My yoga pants are definitely not Me-Made, so this day didn't count.

Day 13
Refashioned house dress (from the first picture)
Worn for: the start of my mini river vacation, and dinner at my fave restaurant on the Frio

Day 14
Worn for: a bathing suit cover-up to lounge in the sun and eat a bunch of yummy bad food

Day 15
Blue romper made from McCalls 6083 (not blogged about yet)
Worn for: last day at the river, more yummy bad food and floating down the river on an inner tube, perfection

Happy Weekend Darlings!

Happy Mothers Day! (plus a giveaway winner)

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First of all, Happy Mothers Day to my awesome mom, whose sewing skills I'll never match!

Secondly, the winner of the bow tie blouse top is Liza Jane of Liza Jane Sews who apparently hoards dress patterns the way I hoard blouse patterns. And also makes fabulous things that I'm jealous of and re-covers couches...
(Unfortunately, I'm posting this through the blogger app on my phone so I can't link to her page, but you should definitely check it out!)

Finally, I'm going to be a little late posting my Me Made May pictures this week. I spent Friday and Saturday helping the fiancé pack for his move and today I'm heading down to the river for a few days with the family. I'll be back on Wednesday, hopefully with a few new things to show you!

Hope you all are having a marvelous Mother's Day!


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Or, how many bow tie blouse patterns is it reasonable for one person to own?

Because I think I own 10. At least 10. It's kind of a problem. So much so that the other day I discovered I had purchased the same bow tie blouse pattern twice from Etsy. Yikes.

Anyway, I'm giving one to you dear readers! The pattern is size 14, 36 inch bust and it's clearly very cute since I bought it twice!

Leave me a comment letting me know what type of garment you have multiple patterns for (or if you're a person who can settle for just one version of a bow tie blouse!). I'll pick someone on Friday, May 11th and let you know!

Me Made May Week 1

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So here goes week 1!

Day 1
Top: self-made vintage pattern (can't remember the number!)
Worn for: work work work!

This is one of the tops I made with fabric from my New York trip. I used a vintage tunic pattern that I can't remember the number of and I'm too lazy to get up and find. I took in about an inch on both the front and back and the sleeves, because the pattern was a little large and I didn't have much fabric. If I'm being honest it's a little tight across the shoulders and in the sleeves now but not enough to prevent me from wearing it. Also, this fabric is super thin and shreds like crazy so the seams are not the neatest but I've worn it about a million times in the last few weeks so it's well worth it.

Day 2
Top: self made, Butterick 5100
Skirt: self made, Burda Jenny skirt
Worn for: work, then grilling with the fiance (I changed into jeans though...)

Two more new projects just for Me Made May! I've had the pattern for this top in my stash since I started sewing and I finally got around to making it! The fabric is from the April Johnston for JoAnns line. This top was really easy to make and is super comfortable, but I did have to keep pulling it forward on my shoulders so I wouldn't expose the bra at work. The skirt is a navy version of my black Jenny skirt...

Please excuse my weird angry expression!

Day 3
Dress: refashioned oldie
Worn for: work and a movie with the fiance


Day 4
Top: self made, Burda 1 Piece Kimono Tee
Jeans: Old Navy
Worn for: Casual Friday and errand running


Day 5
Dress: re-fashioned Mexican embroidered dress
The before...

 Here's the original dress. These are pretty common in my part of the world and I've collected several over the years from thrift stores and such. We used to get them from Mexico directly but it's been pretty unsafe for the last few years, so now I'm forced to either pay a ton at import stores or buy from thrift stores... Anyway, I wanted to wear a festive outfit for Cinco De Mayo and ever since Mena from the Sew Weekly re-fashioned a similar dress last year I've been thinking of different ways to re-do these dresses. I took a simple route with this one, I just cut off the sleeves, shortened it by about 8 inches and then used a zig-zag stitch to attach a length of elastic around the waist to cinch it in a bit. The pictures aren't great because the festival takes place at night, but this dress is so cool and comfy, I'm sure it'll be worn again this May, so you'll probably have another chance to see it!

Finally, the lovely Jill from Laugh, But Not Loudly gave me a Liebster Award! I'm totally obsessed with her Easter version of Vogue 8728, and her ingenious make-shift stabilizer. Go check her out!

It's been so fun to see everyone's first MMM week! Looking great ladies! Here's to week 2!


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Seriously I made these pajamas 2 months ago. For a hot minute I thought about pretending that I made them for the pajama party last weekend and faking all of you out. But then my conscious got the best of me. These pajamas are crazy and my life is crazy right now and I'm crazy for not posting them yet.

I think this is maybe the first vintage pattern I bought on Etsy. Back in the days where I just bought the pattern because it was cute and didn't pay a lick of attention to the size. Luckily, the sewing gods were smiling on me because this one turned out to be the right size out of sheer luck because I sure as heck didn't care back then. It's an adorable pattern and it's slightly Asian inspired and I love the idea of vintagey, slightly dressy pjs since my natural urge is to wear really hideous vintage polyester nightgowns to bed.

By the way, the pants call for a side zipper closure! In pajamas! What the what? If you think I'm intentionally sleeping in a zipper you've lost your mind. I decided to flat measure the pants to make sure they had a little give, then fold over the top and put in an elastic waist. Here's how that went pre-elastic...

Yikes. They were huge, both in height and width. I basically chopped about 4 inches off the top and then added elastic which seemed to work out alright...

Here's how they turned out. I added flat black piping which turned out imperfect but pretty cute. The fabric is a Asian lantern print flannel from JoAnns. It jumped out at me from the pj flannel aisle and screamed "make those vintage Asian-ish pjs with me!" So I did.

Close up of the print/piping. PS They're crazy comfy and I've been wearing the pants with a tank top quite often lately (it's a little warm in Texas these days for full-on flannel).

So the craziness in my life is due to the fact that the fiance just accepted a job which will take him to Ohio for at least 3 but possibly 7 months. Oh and he leaves in 1.5 weeks. So although I am participating in Me Made May, please excuse me if I'm a little slow on posts for the first 2ish weeks. We're busy packing his stuff and packing our stomachs with yummy Mexican food since I'm pretty sure Ohio is a little lacking in that area...

Happy Wednesday loves!