SSS Days 26-30

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I am drowning in work. Everyone keep your fingers crossed I can get through this week! However, now that SSS is over I can just wear sweatpants for the next 6 days and not have to think about what I'm wearing... There's a silver lining for ya!

Also, my pictures this week are more terrible than usual because my boyfriend stole back his nice camera and my old crummy camera isn't working so I had to resort to cell phone pics exclusively. To top it off, it took me a few days to realize that the bathroom at work is the best cell phone pic location, so the first 2 pictures are especially terrible. Sorry :)

Day 26: Tie Front blouse; worn for a million hours of work

Day 27: Black and Grey Floral dress; worn for a million hours of work

Day 28: Lions and Tigers and Zebras dress; worn for a million hours of work

Day 29: Ruffle Front Sorbetto; worn for a million hours of work

Day 30: Wanted to Finish Where I Started; worn for a million hours of work, then margaritas...

Observations: This month was SO much easier than Me Made March. I did not have a single day where I stressed about what to wear and I was able to wear something new everyday! (with the exception of my denim pencil skirt which I wore with several different tops) I even have a bunch of things left that I didn't get around to wearing! I'm guessing, based on this fact that I've at least doubled my self made wardrobe since March. Not too shabby for such a lazy girl...

Happy Friday Darlings!

SSS Day 23-25

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Not a lot of posting going on around here lately. I'm in full blown event mode. Left the office 2 hours after everyone else tonight and I'm anticipating that it will get worse before it gets better. Hopefully I'll have Saturday free to finish my cocktail dress and post a picture of it, but other than that, I'll probably be neglecting the blog until the end of next week!
Here's the rundown for the weekend:
Day 23: Full of Glee skirt; worn for work and errand running, this is how I do casual Friday's this month since I barely have any self-made casual clothes...
Day 24: Green Polka Dot pajama shorts (not blogged about); sort of a cop-out day, I had to drive to my hometown for a funeral and since I don't really have any self-made, funeral appropriate dresses, I wore a store bought one. Ended up spending all day in my hometown shopping with my mom so by the time I got back to San Antonio, it was time to slip on pjs and hit the sack. (no picture of me because the lack of make-up and grungy t-shirt were frightening...)
Day 25: Cheap Fabric shirt; worn for making dinner at the future sister-in-law's house and seeing her SUPER cute baby! Happy 5 month birthday Cade!
Also, just for fun, here's some newly released pics from the me & the boyfriend's "faux engagement" shoot...

Happy Wednesday!

SSS 19-22 and Massive Fabric Purchases

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I have not posted in FOREVER. And it's not even because I've been sewing furiously! The cocktail dress is nearly done, just needs a zipper and the ruffle attached but I should be done by now! The event is in a week and a half! AHHHHH!

Anyway, here's the Self Stitched September rundown...
Day 19: Black Asian Print dress; worn for work work work
Day 20: Refashioned Goodwill skirt; worn for work, an oil change and a ridiculous amount of fabric purchasing
Day 21: Denim skirt & Vintage Jersey top; worn for more work and dinner with the boy
Day 22: My Fair Lady dress; worn for our monthly Board Meeting, then removed so I could crash on the couch for hours...
In other news, I have added 37 yards of fabric to my stash in the last 2 weeks! OMG! What happened to my stash busting goal you may ask? I clearly ignored it in favor of RIDICULOUSLY cheap fabric...
First up, our Austin trip last Friday turned into a thrifting mission and I found some great deals on fabric, especially when the guy checking me out at the thrift store kept remarking at how expensive the fabric had been priced and ended up charging me like $10 less than it had been marked! All this for $20...
From left to right it's a grey linen (6 yards), royal blue lining (5.5 yards), teal green rayon (4 yards), and blue green polyester knit (3 yards)...
Next up, while getting an oil change at Walmart, I snuck into the fabric section and ended up finding some amazing deals on fabric! It's probably not linen but it looks like it and all but the teal fabric (which was $3 a yard) was $1.50 a yard! Seriously couldn't believe it! I think these pieces will be great for some fall suiting like outfits. Shift dresses, skirts, vests, jackets, etc...

From left to right, black linen-like? (4 yards), charcoal linen-like (6 yards), light grey linen-like (3 yards) and teal linen-like (1 yard)...
Look at the price tag! $9.00 for 6 yards! Crazy town...

Hope you're all having an amazing weekend ladies!

Wednesday Wants...

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I want...

this dress,

this for breakfast,

these earrings,

this dress,

these shoes,

this drink,

and this bed to sleep in tonight...

Happy Wednesday!

All pictures from Pinterest. You can follow me here

A first time for everything...

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On Saturday I did something I've never done before... I made a muslin! The two day Louisiana trip planned for last weekend turned into a one day Austin trip, so I had most of Saturday and Sunday free to work on the cocktail dress.

Something you should know about me, I never make muslins. Ever. I know there's a million reasons why one should and I've had several dresses that could have benefited from a trial run muslin but I'm super stingy with my fabric and I always feel that since I have so many projects I want to make, sewing something twice is not very appealing. Having said all that, after all the weird sizing chart issues with this dress a few of you suggested I bite the bullet and make a muslin. What sealed the deal is the fact that I was thinking about making this dress in a navy cotton for day anyway, so I used a navy sheet I had lying around and figured I could finish this muslin out later and make it wearable. I cut a 10 for the bodice and waistband and a 12 for the skirt. It fit really well with a decent amount of ease. I probably could have gone down a size but I don't think it will be that big of a deal. On Sunday I cut the silk and started assembling the bodice and waist. Hoping to finish it up tonight!
No makeup + pale legs = yikes

Now to SSS days 16-18...

Day 16: Black & white striped pencil skirt; worn to Ikea and bumming around SoCo in Austin
Promise I'm not pregnant, nor do I have a beer belly, just a ridiculous slouch...
 Day 17: Green polka dot Sorbetto; worn for a grocery store outing, the rest of the day was spent in pjs

Day 18: Assembly line skirt; worn for church

Also Day 18: The boyfriend's sister is an amazing photographer and is thinking about starting a business so she asked us to take some fake "engagement" pics so she could practice and have some for her portfolio. Of course I had to wear something "self stitched"...

We are dorks who love fake mustaches...


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Wish I would have seen this when I was making my striped pencil skirt! Mine worked out okay but hers is super cute too!

PS you should read this blog... LOVE discovering new blogs!

Giveaway Winner!

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Thanks so much everyone for entering the giveaway! Even if you didn't win, remember you can use the coupon code PFPTAKE20 to get 20% off your order at Studio P Vintage until the end of September! So without further ado, here are the winners:


Christine from What's Up Cupcake?!

Congrats ladies! Please email me at forrest.nicole(at) with your address and the pattern you want (in case you changed your mind!) and we'll get them out to you ASAP!
Have a great weekend everyone!

SSS Day 12-15

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Days 12-15 prove that:

1. I cannot stand up straight
2. I cannot make a normal face
3. I only wear McCalls 6038

Day 12: Gauzy top & denim pencil skirt; worn to wok and then removed for ridiculously tough yoga

Day 13: Assembly line skirt; worn to work and removed for more ridiculously tough yoga

Day 14: Black & white skirt; worn to a loooooooong work meeting that included wine, shopping (yay for pay day!) and dinner with the boy

Day 15: Refashion dress; worn for work and packing for Louisiana!

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Cocktail Attire

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So I'm planning this big dinner benefit to raise money for the organization I work for on October 6th. I've been contemplating for a few weeks what exactly I'll wear. The dress code is cocktail attire and while I have a million cocktail dresses in my closet, most of them are strapless and/or revealing in some way. Since this is a work event, I feel like I need to be a touch more covered, plus I'll be running around all night so I don't want to worry about having to pull up my dress constantly. Plus most of my dresses are black and I want to wear something bright so I'm easy for volunteers, staff, etc. to spot if they need me for something. Plus, I of course just want an excuse to make something new!

Anyway, following all this criteria, I decided to make
Simplicity 2497 view C, the popular Cynthia Rowley dress using bright blue duponi silk.

Humorously, this is one of the first patterns and pieces of fabric I bought when I learned to sew! However, because the silk was so expensive and pretty, for a long time I was too nervous about my skill level to attempt it. Then, when I got to the point where I would have felt confident making it, I kind of forgot about it! So now I'm finally pulling it out of the pile to work on. I was hoping to get it finished this weekend so it would be done in plenty of time. I'm trying to break my usual habit of sewing something the night before I want to wear it! However, a last minute road trip to Louisiana has come up and I won't be back until Sunday morning. Maybe I can get it done Sunday afternoon and evening? We shall see...

I started to cut out the pattern last night and I have a huge complaint already. According to the sizing chart, I should be cutting an 8 in the bust, a 12 in the waist and a 14 in the hips! I've never had the measurements off that much! I'm usually right in the range of 6-8! Is this dress only made for girls with big boobs and tiny waists and hips? I've made Cynthia Rowley patterns before I don't remember having this issue, but maybe I ignored the chart and just cut my regular size? I don't get it... I'm not super concerned about the bodice and skirt since they're both meant to have a lot ease, so I'll probably cut an 8 or 10 but I guess I'll have to measure the waist pattern pieces and figure out what weird size to cut since it's so fitted. Has anyone else made this dress and had this problem?

Also, I'm thinking about getting this feather thing to put on the waistband, maybe with a brooch or rhinestone glued to the tip? It's made for headbands but I think I could tack it on to waist, a little off center to glam it up a bit. Or I could always use it for it's original purpose and just make a headband to wear with the dress... Any thoughts?

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Wednesday Wants

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I want...

this outfit,

this cake for lunch,

this beanbag chair,

this apron,

this jacket,

this dress,

these shoes,

this hair,

and this to eat for dinner,

Nothing too crazy, just cute things to wear, yummy things to eat and a comfy beanbag to curl up on...

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