Wednesday Wants

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I want...

to be here,

driving this,

wearing this,

with this hair,

these nails,

these shoes,

eating these,

and drinking this!

(ps you should definitely try this sparkling wine from Francis Ford Coppola's vineyard. so yummy!)

Where do you want to be today?

Stash Update and Fabricmart Order

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Since the end of the month is drawing near, I thought I would update on my stash busting project. This month I have subtracted 10.5 yards of fabric. However, only 7 yards of that was sewn, 3.5 was pulled to sell in my Etsy shop. Also, I added 9.5 yards of fabric due to a particularly tempting Fabricmart sale... Here are the goods:

These two are strech cottons, the black is for the Jenny pencil skirt from Burda and the white leopard is also for a pencil skirt, based on the outfit below from Pinterest.

By a happy accident, I ordered this teal poly cotton blend to make yet another pencil skirt, however, when it showed up I discovered it was way too light and silky for what I intended. Instead it's becoming a top so I can totally recreate the above outfit!

I'm thinking I'll used the Sorbetto pattern as a base (sans pleat) and the ruffle from the coffee date dress for a little flava...

Finally, these three strech cottons will become dresses, not sure about the patterns yet though. Any ideas?
Not much progress on the stash busting, although I did take out more yards than I brought in this month. Here's hoping next month will be a little better!
Happy Tuesday!

7 Things About Me!

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The lovely Reana from Curves, Patterns, and Pins gave me the Versatile Blogger award! Such a doll! I really love her blog, it's on my must read list, so I was super excited to know she reads mine! If you haven't read her blog, go check it out!

So for this award, you're supposed to reveal 7 things about yourself. I tried to think of things I haven't mentioned before on the blog that show you how absolutely fascinating I am! ;) Here it goes...

1. I love magazines. Love. Them. I've been reading and subscribing to them regularly since Junior High. I subscribe to anywhere from 5-15 magazines at any one time. They've kind of taken over my house and I have to go through and recycle pretty regularly. I love a brand new, crease free periodical and an empty afternoon. There's nothing better!

2. I don't have a spleen. Had to have it removed in high school after it exploded. (yeah, they can do that...)

3. I have a Bachelor's degree in Radio-Television-Film. I don't really use it now, unless the Jeopardy category is film of the 1930's or the history of British film. Then watch out, I'll smoke you...

4. I have listened to every single Ricky Gervais show audio book 20 times. You haven't listened to them? Go download them right now. Seriously. Go.

5. I studied ancient Latin all through high school and college and competed at the national Junior Classical League competition in ancient geography and architecture. Remember, semper ubi sub ubi!

6. Parks and Recreation is my favorite show on television. My favorite character is Ron. No, Tom. No, April. No, Anne. Whatever, just watch it!

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

7. I always have my fingernails and toenails painted. Always. I literally always have polish on. I can't emphasize enough how much nail polish I go through. I even keep a bottle in my purse and my desk so I can constantly touch up. It's probably because I wear a lot of flip flops since it's so hot here, so the toes always have to look good and obviously the nails can't get left out...

So now that you know the innerworkings of my brain, time to share the love. Here are some lovely bloggers who I've discovered recently:

Sam @ Young People in Love

Check these ladies out!

More Baby Shoes!

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I'm on a baby shoe making kick lately! Two sets for the baby shower I'm headed to tonight...

and a set for my boyfriend's sweet nephew who turned 4 months old today! Happy Birthday Cade!

Good Mail Day

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Yesterday was the best day for mail ever! (until the day I get a million dollar check in the mail that is...)
I got the Joann circular with 50% off coupons, the new Vogue and Marie Claire magazines and my fabric mart order (more on that later)!

My favorite thing about August? September issues...
Happy Friday darlings!

Lions and Tigers and Zebras?

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I finally made my first piece from a Burda magazine! It's from the June 2011 issue, which the lovely Miss Dibs sent me a few months ago. It's probably the easiest thing Burda has ever put in a magazine, but since it was my first time tracing from the scary pattern pages, I wanted to keep it simple! The fabric is a zebra print satin from JoAnns that I've had forever. I was orginally going to just make a top, but in the spirit of stash busting, I decided to go ahead and make a dress with pockets. It's pretty much just a rectangle with a casing on the top for the ribbon but with a belt I think it's pretty cute. Also, since the fabric is pretty lightweight, I think I can tuck it into a pencil skirt with a cardigan for work.

In bigger news, IT RAINED TODAY! For normal people this might not be a big deal, but in Texas, we're having one of our longest droughts in recorded history so any rain is a HUGE deal. My coworkers and I literally stared out the window for 20 minutes in amazement this afternoon.
Almost Friday!

Wednesday Wants

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I am SO over this heat and SO ready for fall outfits! So this week, here are some fall outfits I want...

Source: via Forrest on Pinterest

Source: via Forrest on Pinterest

No real theme here, just random pictures, although I apparently do like cardigans, belts, trenches and trousers this year (and every year...). Also, I really want a pair of tan boots like the ones in the second to last picture.

Anybody else as ready as I am?

Let's Make this Official

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'I, Forrest of ‘Presserfoot Propaganda' blog sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-Sept '11. I endeavour to wear one self-stitched or refashioned clothing item each day for the duration of September 2011'

I'm only requiring myself to wear one piece a day because I have yet to make any pants and I want to have that option for movie dates (we have a lot of those) since I always freeze in theaters! I'm also going to try to avoid repeating items as much as possible, although I don't think I'll make it the whole month unless I really start sewing!

All in all, I'm super excited to get started! I'm trying to spend this last week mending some of my handmade items, refashioning some things from the thrift store basket, whipping up more seperates and wearing all my favorite store bought clothing items before I have to give them up for a month!

Happy Tuesday Shoesday!

I will cut you!

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I feel like all I've been doing today is cutting out projects! I spent three hours on the floor cutting 4 sets of baby shoes, 4 diaper covers, a dress and a pajama set with a self drafted top. My back is killing me! Also, I altered a skirt for a co-worker. Now I'm going to bed and dreaming of french seams and baby shoes... Sweet Dreams!

Also, the boy and I can't stop quoting this...

Polka Dot Fever

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My last two sewing projects unfortunately did not count towards my stash busting goal since they were already cut out when I counted my yardage. Now, however, the busting begins. I started working through the extra green and white polka dot left from my fabulously 80's dress. First I made a Sorbetto (no pleat, plus sleeves) that is a fun, lightweight, easy piece...

This picture doesn't show the shirt very well but I like the way it made my "reading nook" look so I used it anyway. Plus my battery was about to die... Also, I've been getting a TON of wear out of this skirt!
Next, I have a baby shower coming up next weekend and inspired by Valerie I decided to make baby shoes. I was telling a co-worker about my project and she asked me to make a set for a baby shower she has this weekend. I also threw in a diaper cover inspired by the tutorial on Made (the shoes are based on these). I'm planning on making another set in the polka dot, plus one in pink gingham for my shower. Yay for stash busting! (also, I'm not gonna lie, making baby shoes makes me 1% want to have a baby...)


Wednesday Wants

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I want,

this room,

this outfit,

and this outfit,

these shoes,

Source: None via Forrest on Pinterest

this hair,

this body,

to make this,

my future baby to dress like this,

Source: via Forrest on Pinterest

and this when she's a little older,

and this to be tattooed on my arm so I never forget!

Happy Wednesday!