Thrifting + a Good Mail Day

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Lots of sewing items acquired this weekend. First off, the new Burda and a Sewaholic pattern came in the mail!

I loved lots of things about the new Burda but I really loved the fairytale theme than ran through the issue and I thought the Christmas crafts were adorable! It almost makes me wish I had kids so I could make a Little Red Riding Hood house!

Also loved the artwork for these plate and fabric transfers!

This page makes me want to learn to knit RIGHT NOW. How cozy does that blanket look? LOVE it!

I ordered the Sewaholic pattern to make this skirt for my sister. She is young and cute and in college so she can get away with wearing cute short skirts. I already had the perfect fabric in my stash so when I saw her pin this on Pinterest I knew all I needed was the Crescent skirt pattern to make it. Hopefully starting on this in the next few days...

Source: via Forrest on Pinterest

Next up I visited my neighborhood thrift store and picked up some more sewing stuff. I probably have 20 jacket and top patterns just like this but for 25 cents I couldn't resist taking them home just to make sure...

I also picked up this hilarious jumpsuit pattern that just makes me laugh with it's craziness, but let's face it, I'll probably make it and pretend it's cool. I loved the sexiness of this 70's jersey dress, not sure when I'll make it but I couldn't pass it up.

Finally I found this great 60's Vogue suit in my size, and...

3 yards of black wool suiting, which is exactly how much this pattern calls for! And for only $6! Yay! To be honest, I have no idea when I'll get around to this project but I feel like it was serendipity to find the pattern and the fabric together!

Today I'm starting my "Week of Tops". I'm hoping to get through my Fall sewing by powering through a category of clothing each week. This week I hope to finish 3-4 tops, next week I'll focus on 3-4 skirts, then I'll give myself 2 weeks to get through 3-4 dresses. All the tops are cut out, and they should be fairly easy because they're all pullovers with no closures. However, I'm supposed to be spending this afternoon teaching a girlfriend how to sew, so my projects will have to take a back burner today. We'll see how it goes!

Hope your weekend was fabulous!


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October 23, 2011 at 2:17 PM delete

That's such a good idea to tackle a different category of clothing for each couple of weeks! I can't wait to see how everything turns out! Total score on those thrifted patterns and fabric. I love finding things like that at the thrifts stores!

PS - Thanks for explaining what 'fabric without nap' means on my post the other day! Helped me out a ton!! :)

October 24, 2011 at 12:18 AM delete

Love the Simplicity jersey dress!