Hoarding Weekend

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First of all, thanks for all your sweet comments about the Minoru jacket. It was so fun to make and I'm really enjoying wearing it!

Now on to my debilitating desire to purchase fabric supplies... The boyfriend and I took a trip to the Fort Worth area this weekend to visit some of his family, so I of course took every opportunity to continue my hoarding tendencies.

First up, at a cute little quilting store in downtown Grandbury, I bought 3 yards of too expensive cotton lawn in crazy bright colors. Clearly I'm forgetting that it's actually November. The hot pink will be for a pencil skirt (because I'm bound and determined to have one in every color of the rainbow) and I'm thinking I'll use the crazy tropical print for my bombshell dress. It just screams 1950's Hawaii. Which clearly means I will have absolutely no where to wear it in my decidedly unglamourous, un-50's, un-tropical life. But a girl's got to have a few aspirational garments right?
Secondly, we stopped at Ikea on the way back to continue the quest to turn the boyfriend's house from "sad bachelor pad with no furniture" to "rockin bachelor pad with some furniture". I showed great restraint and did not even enter the kitchen/dining section, but I couldn't resist heading over to fabric. I spied 4 packs of thread for $1.99 as well as some hefty looking fabric shears. Having had good results with other sharp things Ikea sells (aka my kitchen knives) I decided to grab a pair for only $5.99. I liked the weight of them and upon getting them home I discovered they cut like a dream. They move through fabric like a hot knife through butter. I'm in serious love. I snapped up a pair of pinking shears as well, because, although I didn't believe it was possible, I think I dulled my old ones...

Moral of the story, Ikea fabric scissors are the bees knees and I can't control my addiction to buying fabric and notions, even though I haven't worked on a garment in over a week. This is why Americans are in debt...

Muah! Hope you're week will be as fabulous as you!


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Don't worry, you're not alone in your fabric hoarding tendencies! I'm the same exact way! I'm shamelessly building up quite a collection of fabric... which I have no idea what to do with yet! But, I'm sure the day will come when I finally use it to actually make something!