Baby's First Christmas!

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I was not quite as organized as I hoped to be this year, so my plans for all homemade Christmas gifts were scrapped and I only ended up with 3 handmade gifts. This is the third and possibly the cutest...

Since I finally have a baby in my (soon to be) family, I get to make baby things! Like the shoes and diaper covers I made earlier this year...

I knew I wanted to make my boyfriend's sweet nephew a blanket for Christmas and since my boyfriend has a proclivity for travel to Africa, I've decided that gifts from us will be jungle/savanna themed for the foreseeable future. I picked up this cute fleece from JoAnns and because I wanted this to be a smaller blanket that he can use with his car seat, I only bought a yard.

First I lined up the fabric folded in half,  trimmed the selvage's and cut down the fold.

Then I created a template for the edges by tracing a large can on a piece of copy paper.

I cut out the circle and lined it up with the edge of the fabric, then trimmed the excess fabric.

Finally, I blanket stitched the edges together with a full (non separated) strand of embroidery floss.

Then I rolled it up and tied it to a cute giraffe I found at Target for my sweet baby Cade's first Christmas! This was a ridiculously simple project that I put together in about an hour. In fact, I was still blanket stitching in the car on the way to Cade's house! (hence the dashboard behind the giraffe below)

I think this might be my new go-to gift for baby showers (along with some shoes and a diaper cover of course!)


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Cade LOVES this blanket! We take it to "school" with us every single day - it's perfect for him to snuggle up with in his carseat. And...that's a giraffe??? I thought it was a horse til I said once to Casey -"He wants his horse," and Casey said, "What? We don't have a horse....that? That's a cow!!" Anyway. We named him Oh-Oh, cause when Cade sees him he says Oh Oh Oh! :) xoxo, Cade's Mama

January 27, 2012 at 9:28 AM delete

I thought it was a giraffe when I bought it, but it does look like both a horse and a cow, so I'm not sure!