Just a Plain Black Pencil Skirt...

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Amazingly, I've actually finished something in the last few weeks! I've had several things on the ironing board that were 75% finished but I couldn't seem to get motivated to get them done (aka, I hate handstiching more than I hate sleeping with wet hair, which is seriously a lot). However, once I bought tickets for my New York trip, which has now moved from mid April to mid March (aka, I'm going to freeze to death) I decided I had to get my booty in gear so I could start working on clothes for the trip. A Sunday Downton Abbey marathon got me through several garments worth of hand sewing, including fixing the boyfriend's mangled silk tie that he put IN THE WASHING MACHINE! ARRRRGGGGHHHH! It's sort of fixed but I warned him I would murder him if it ever happened again.

By the way guys, I'm a few episodes into season 2 and I need to know, am I supposed to like Mary now? She kind of sucked last season but now I'm kinda rooting for her to end up with Matthew although he's clearly too nice of a guy for her. And why did Edith get kinda trampy? Also, if Carson has another heart attack scare I'll lose it. But seriously, how amazing is this show?

Anyway, I'm a lover of a good pencil skirt and when my trusty black college-era Forever 21 skirt finally bit the dust last fall I knew that I would need to replace it fairly quickly. Unfortunately, I'm lazy so I finished not quickly and right at the end of winter, about the time when I want to start making spring colored clothes and not boring black things. I mean seriously y'all, I live in Texas and aside from the crazy cold snap we're having right now, in like 5 minutes it'll be 80 degrees everyday and I'll want to wear sundresses! In ice cream colors! Geez.

I used Burda's Jenny pencil skirt pattern, that many a blogger has raved about, with some black stretch cotton I bought forever ago from Fabricmart. I have to say, I totally get it. This pattern is crazy easy to put together and really flattering. Also, a touch more grown-up looking than my Forever 21 skirt. RIP.

However, it was a bad idea to try to take photos at work with this huge sweater on. The skirt is totally wrinkled and covered in sweater fuzz and I had to hold it up to show the waistband. Plus the shower curtain in our office is hideous. Not like I needed to point that out, it's pretty glaringly obvious...

Here's a shot of the waistband and a shot from the side. When I cut the skirt I thought it might be a little tight, especially since I can't put down the girl scout cookies lately and an extra 5lbs have been creeping up on me, but it's actually a little on the loose side. I'm giving it a few wearings to decide if it's annoying enough to fix. Originally I had a crazy zipper butt bubble situation, but the perfectionist in me, who normally remains silent when it comes to sewing projects, spoke up, so I ripped out the back seam and re-did it. Looks pretty decent now...

I lined it using the same fabric I used to line my Minoru, plus make a dress a few years ago. So glad to finally have it out of my stash! If I could send a message to newbie-sewer me 2 years ago I would say "Stop buying 5 yards of fabric because you're afraid you'll make a mistake! It will be annoying to have everything in your wardrobe made out of it later!" 

I'm sure I was supposed to use a black lining so when the slit in the back opens while I walk people won't be trying to stick their head up my skirt to see what crazy fabric is lining it... but oh well, I don't like following rules.

So there it is, the first finished object I've posted in ages and it's a plain black skirt. Whatever y'all, I'm so happy to have something done, I don't even care that it reminds me of funerals rather than spring days to come.

Happy Monday!


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Meg the Grand
February 7, 2012 at 2:57 PM delete

Such a fabulous skirt! The lining is gorgeous, of course, and the cut is super flattering. Yay for wardrobe staples!

February 8, 2012 at 10:28 AM delete

I love the lining - I like when there are little elements of surprise in a garment!

And I have the same thoughts on Mary...the more season 2 goes along, the more I find I like her!

February 9, 2012 at 6:28 PM delete

Love love love that lining!

February 12, 2012 at 3:45 AM delete

D'ya know, it was just a plain black skirt - until the the peek at the lining, now its a kerpow black skirt! ;) Really love your jumper and shoes too! I used to shop at F21 on stateside visits, one of few RTWs that fitted me well off the hanger, I know have one practically on my doorstep where I live in London... so far resisting the temptation to go in, I know its Forever 21 but that was more than a few years ago now...