Why PayPal is trying to ruin my life...

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Ever since PayPal introduced it's Bill Me Later feature, I've been pretty sure that it's been trying to ruin my life. Now Etsy purchases are just a click away, without the stress of figuring out if I have money in my bank account to cover it! I don't actually carry a huge balance, I pay it off pretty much every paycheck, but I just found out they upped my credit limit. Uh oh... I see some wedding related Etsy purchases in my future.

In the meantime here's what Bill Me Later has convinced me I need lately:

A DIY cross stitch Iphone case from this store. I've been wanting one of these forever!

I've had my eye on this fabric for probably a year! It was my engagement present to myself and I think I'll use it to make a dress for our engagement pictures. I used an Instagram filter so the colors aren't showing as bright but it's gorgeous and I can't wait for it come in the mail! This shop has a ton of great fabrics, almost don't want to share it though because I'm afraid you'll buy up some of my other favorite pieces!

These are from this shop. I also have my eye on this cross stitch pattern...

In other news, my sister got to meet Elsie from A Beautiful Mess last night! We both totally adore her blog and text each other all the time about her posts. She was in Houston last night with her husband's band, so my sister went to see them and got a picture. Couldn't be more jealous...

Remember you have until midnight Central time to enter my giveaway for one of the new Colette Patterns! Good luck loves!


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Excellent purchases! I'm totally in love with that fabric.