Iris Shorts (That You Can't Really See...)

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These shorts are really cute and really hard to photograph at the same time.

I've been wanting to make shorts lately because honestly every time I see a pair of shorts in a store they look like underwear. Seriously, do people wear shorts that short? Or am I just 100 years old? Anyway, I thought the Iris pattern from Colette looked great because the shorts are not too fitted, not too short, and have a pretty simple style (aka it wouldn't take me a year to make them).

These things are so quick and easy to sew it's crazy. I used a stretch black cotton leftover from my Clover muslin and I seriously think I got these done in about 2 hours. Love patterns like that! Unfortunately, because they're black and I'm back lit in these pictures it's impossible to see any detail but I'm assuming you can tell that they fit pretty well. I cut a size 6 (I think... maybe it was a 4) and didn't make any modifications.

Kind of high waisted...

The back view is not too bad...

Here they are up close. Please forgive the lint and lack of ironing. I used the view that has buttons but didn't make buttonholes, I just sewed the buttons to the front of the pockets. I don't ever see myself buttoning front pockets like that...

So this is a very short review but in conclusion, A+! Next up I'm planning to make these in a fun stripe! Yay for summer and shorts that don't show my lady parts!


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July 17, 2012 at 12:05 PM delete

Love these shorts! I know what you mean about everything being so short. I want more than a 1/4" inseam! :]

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Love these! Iris is super easy to make up and striped pair would be super rad. I got addicted and made three pairs in short succession... (do I get points for a lame pun?) Can't wait to see the next pair :D

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To answer your question: YES people do wear those "underwear shorts." It's....not pretty.

But I love these. I may just have to check out this pattern myself.