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I've been practicing this thought a lot lately. Perhaps to my detriment...

Sewing machine acting up? Give up and have a margarita.
House/sewing area dirty? Give up and have a margarita.
Take a bunch of pictures of a bunch of things you've made for your blog and then realize they all turned out fuzzy? Give up and have a margarita.
Feel guilty about not blogging for forever? Give up and have a margarita.

So basically, sorry I've been a big jerk and have ignored my blog for a while. I've been busy drinking margaritas. And sometimes red wine. And sometimes home brew beer. (yes, we brewed our own beer using this kit! it's awesome!)

Also, it's going to get worse before it gets better. The fiance and I finally decided to move in together, so I'm spending the next 1.5 weeks packing and moving and not sewing. Then a trip to Dallas that will hopefully include fabric shopping. Then unpacking and organizing my new sewing room! Then maybe I'll get over my laziness and retake all the pictures I mentioned above? The point is, give me a few more weeks and then I'll hopefully have oodles to show you! In the meantime, I'm still reading all your blogs and drooling over their greatness. Definitely inspiring me to pack faster so I can get back to sewing soon!



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Good luck getting everything done! That sounds exciting. :) We'll still be here when you get back.