Scrunchies? Really Burda?

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I finished an usual amount of projects in the last 2 weeks and I promise I'll post about them soon but I had to share my shock! I was checking out BurdaStyle this morning and to my horror I saw, on the main page, an article instructing one on how to make SCRUNCHIES!

Now don't get me wrong, as a child of the 90's I wore my fair share of scrunchies, but, for me at least, they went the way of the dinosaur around the time I stopped being obsessed with JC from NSYNC (although Justin Timberlake turned out to be a sleeper hit for me, didn't start to love him until my 20's). I don't care how cool the American Apparel girls are, the scrunchies don't do it for me...

I'm all for hair decoration (i.e. headbands, hats, fascinators, scarves) but a rubber band wrapped in relatively unattractive fabric should forever remain holding up Mary Kate and Ashley's ponytails in their 90's music videos about sleepovers. Do you hear me inappropriately aged American Apparel models?

I adore Burda and usually find their designs to be modern and cute but today, the pastel scrunchie has confused and repulsed me. What are you thinking Burda?

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Ew... I thought Scrunchies were finally extinct. Why are we trying to revive this atrocity of ugly? They are one accessory better left dead!

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Thanks for following my blog. Couldn't agree more about scrunchies - I have a huge sense of resentment that I was in my prime in the 1980s a period of bad clothes, bad hair and scrunchies!!