Baby It's Cold Outside

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I don't know if the boyfriend has ever really cared whether or not I sew for him until this pair of pj pants. We were visiting his aunt and uncle a few weeks ago in Fort Worth and we soon discovered our South Texas bodies were not prepared for the North Texas chill of early November. (I know if you live anywhere that gets actually cold you're rolling your eyes right now) The boyfriend borrowed a pair of wind suit pants from his uncle and finally discovered the joy and comfort of an elastic waisted pant. Because he didn't own any elastic waisted pants, including pajamas, I'm proud to say before this he would NEVER be the type to wear pj bottoms to the store, out to eat, etc.
Quick rant: I HATE when people wear pajama pants in public, yoga pants are only slightly better... The rest of us get out of bed and put on pants with a button and a zipper and you can too! I'm all about pjs for lounging around the house. In fact, they go on as soon as I get home from work, but when you're in public, join the rest of society and wear real clothes!
Anyway, I thought I should make him a pair to wear around the house in the chilly weather for his endless Saturday football watching. (unfortunately I got these finished a bit too late for Saturday college football... oops!) As soon as I told him he perked up (he hates the cold as much a s I do) and kept asking me when I was going to get them finished, which I finally did this afternoon. I used a teal and grey plaid flannel from JoAnns and I actually pre-washed it because it felt a little stiff. I know that's a big confession... I almost never pre-wash my fabric. I pretty much only do when it's from an estate sale and smells like mothballs. I should probably be kicked out of the sewing community for this offense, but so far (knock on wood) I haven't had any problems.
Post wash the fabric is lovely and soft and fuzzy like flannel is supposed to be. I used Simplicity 2317, a multi-sex pajama pattern. I cut a medium, which matched all his measurements, but they're still a little baggy in my opinion. I guess because they're lounge pants it's not too big of a deal. Also, I used the elastic guide in the pattern and the elastic turned out too big! Like falling off his hips too big. That's the second time that's happened to me with a Simplicity pattern. Ugh! I'll try to fix it if I can tear them away from him for a few minutes. Anyway, I took them over to his house this afternoon for a pj/movie watching party and after he tried them on he said "well if I was planning on getting any work done today, it's not going to happen after putting on these pants." I guess that's as good a review as I could get, saggy elastic and all!

PS You really should get this pattern. The pants are crazy easy to sew, and they have you attach the crotch seam first instead of assembling the legs and doing that mind bending right side out inside the inside out leg thing... Even with adding non-pattern sanctioned pockets I turned these things out in less than an hour and a half.
Hope you're staying warm wherever you are!


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Very cute (MANLY, I'm sorry!) pj bottoms! I love that he paired them with a Christmas shirt. Aw, Christmas spirit.

Do you think he'll wear them out of the house?

I only rolled my eyes a teeny tiny bit. Texas! I guess that explains pulling off all those short dresses at this time of the year, eh? Here, you'd need snow pants to pull them off. :D

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I hope he doesn't!

Yikes! Snow pants? Sometimes I wish we had snow here, but I'm a huge wimp when it comes to cold weather, so maybe I should consider it lucky we don't!

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Okay, I just cut out the pieces for these pants and the shaping on the legs was throwing me off. This explains it perfectly. Crotch seam first, THEN the rest. Thank you!

We're up outside Denton- how crazy is this chilly weather? Once I finish these for my girl, I am going to make me a set :)