One more top before Christmas...

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Here's yet another top I've made with in the last few weeks to beef up my separates wardrobe...

It's a blouse version of Simplicity 2497, the pattern I made my cocktail dress from! I have to admit, modifying this pattern to a blouse was stolen from Sew Tessuti. It was a really easy modification, I just measured the length of a shirt I liked, then added the difference to the bottom of the bodice front and back pieces. I didn't even trace it on to new paper or anything, just pinned the original pattern piece to the fabric, measured down, drew a chalk line and cut.

I went back and forth on the details of it for a while. First I was going to make it sleeveless with the ruffle detail, like the Tessuti version, but then I decided I might want sleeves too. After going back and forth on using one or both elements, I finally ended up with just the sleeves because they have a really pretty detail, and I worried that with the ruffle it would be overkill...
Love the pleating! (even though it's crazy wrinkled!)
Here's a more color accurate picture on leopard-print me. The color is really pretty and vibrant. I think I look best in jewel tones, so I should probably make a few more like this!
Sorry for the wrinkles!
I really adore the fabric, which I bought from Fabricmart forever ago. It's a charmuese and it was so easy to work with! Suspiciously easy actually. Maybe it's made of rayon? I bought it a while back so I can't remember for sure...
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Now back to my endless Christmas sewing that must be accomplished in the next two days! Ahhhhh!


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Looking fablouse . This colour suits you.