Me Made May Days 16-25

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My sister has pointed out to me what a terrible blogger I've been lately and she's totally right. So sorry for my negligent behavior, I'll get my act together soon!

Day 16
Navy blue pencil skirt
Worn for: back at work and busy with meetings

Day 17
Worn for: more work meetings,
bad idea to take a vacation the first half of this week!

Day 18
Worn for: work luncheon to honor our volunteers, got to hang out with my favorite Irish nuns

Days 19 & 20
So I've discovered a flaw in the Me-Made-May plan. I've had several days this month that I consider "work days". AKA they involve heavy duty cleaning, painting, etc, so I don't have anything Me-Made to wear! This weekend was spent scrubbing the fiance's house to get it ready to put on the market, so obviously I needed to wear old grubby clothes and I haven't been sewing long enough to consider any of my Me-Made clothes old and grubby. What's a Me-Made-May girl to do? 

Day 21
Worn for work, then a special screening of Pretty Woman at my favorite movie theater

Day 22
Worn for: work and dinner with a friend

Day 23
Re-fashioned top and old faithful denim pencil skirt
Worn for: work, meetings and a yummy dinner

Day 24
Another "work day", but this time at work. We're doing construction on one of our buildings so we spent the day moving furniture and cleaning. Definitely a day for grubby old jeans and t-shirts.

Day 25
Worn for: work, errand running, lunch at one of my favorites,
and a Game of Thrones marathon

Only one more week of May, which has proved to be a trying month. Hopefully June will be better and will be full of new sewing projects! Also, it will be awesome not to have to take my picture everyday! It gets old doesn't it?


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May 27, 2012 at 4:59 PM delete

Cute outfits! I love these! I like hanging out with nuns, too.

liza jane
May 28, 2012 at 10:00 AM delete

You look great! I just started watching Game of Thrones-- I've watched about four episodes in a row....