The end of Me-Made-May

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And......... we're done! First I'll show you my last few days, then give you my observations.

Day 28
Worn for: intense JoAnn shopping, trying to buy every
zipper/button/spool of thread I will need for the next month

Day 29
Re-fashioned Polka Dot Shirt, Pink Clovers (not blogged about yet, I'll get to it soon)
Worn for: work and vegging on the couch

Day 30
Worn for: work, yummy dinner and Game of Thrones marathon

Day 31
Pink pencil skirt (not blogged about yet but made with Burda's Jenny)
Worn for: work, really good news and a tasty, boozy, fattening dinner to celebrate!

Day 32
Bow Top (I went an extra day since I skipped so many during May!)
Worn for: work, errand running, Men in Black 3

Ok, so this Me-Made-May was kind of a hot mess for me for several reasons.

1. It was kind of a crazy month for me in my non-sewing life. My fiance moved to a different state, meanwhile, we put his house on the market so I spent many a day cleaning and reorganizing to get it ready to show. I had some family trips/obligations, I sort of worked on planning my wedding and in the midst of all of it, I was interviewing for a new job! (which I got, hence the really good news on the 31st! Yay!) This meant that I wasn't fully into the challenge like I had been previously, and I didn't have a lot of time to sew new projects to add to the rotation like I normally do.

2. I didn't create a special "challenge" for myself. I've participated in 2 of these challenges previously. In Me-Made-March 2011 I hadn't been sewing too long so I didn't have many things to wear, but I additionally challenged myself to wear something un-blogged every week day. In Self-Stitched-September 2011 I tried to avoid repeating an item of clothing. This month I didn't really put any guidelines on what I wore and that I think made me less motivated. Also, because of this I didn't have as much desire to sew new items to add to my options (plus as discussed above, I didn't have lots of time!)

3. I had a lot of "work"/casual days. Obviously on days dedicated to painting/cleaning/home repair etc. I'm not going to wear my precious Me-Made garments, and I had quite a few of those days this month. In the past, what has saved me on the weekends is going out with the fiance. I can usually pull out a cute dress or top to go to dinner or a movie on a Saturday night. The truth is though, now that he's living far away I spend a lot of weekend nights at home. It's not as sad as it sounds, I'm getting A LOT done at my apartment, but it means that I'm in comfy casual clothes all weekend, with little interruption. In the past 2 challenges, as well as in this one, I realized how little I sew casual clothes and last year I lamented that fact a lot. But I think I've decided I'm okay with it now. The truth is, on the weekends I'm usually cleaning or sewing and my uniform is thin cotton t-shirts and jeans or yoga pants. I really don't have any desire to sew those things. I can find cute, well fitting and most importantly cheap versions of these items really easily, so I don't want to take up my sewing time making them when I could make a pretty dress. Therefore, for the most part, my sewing will consist of work clothes and pretty "going out" dresses, with a few pieces that can transition from work to casual weekends, and that's just fine with me.

So those are my thoughts. My Me-Made-May was kind of meh... But June is looking much better already! I spent the weekend cutting out a ton of projects and I've already gotten to work on some of them. Plus I've been making some cute jewelry lately using fabrics, trims and other sewing items that I can't wait to show you! Here's to taking down my tripod and not having to take my picture everyday! Hooray!


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liza jane
June 5, 2012 at 6:31 AM delete

Your me made may looks great. I think you did an excellent job. I fell kinda flat this time around, so I know what you mean. Love those pink clovers!

June 5, 2012 at 6:18 PM delete

Love those pink clovers and pink pencil skirt!!!