Me Made May 2014: Days 1-11

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I was lazy and forgot to post last week, so here's my Me Made May update from May 1st until yesterday! Sorry this is picture heavy.

Also, I think the Blogger Gods might be punishing me for neglecting this blog for so long. I swear I blogged about several of the items below but I can't find them on the blog! So, a lot of these pieces are old but I have nothing to link them back to. Sorry!

Day 1
Dress: Simplicity 3503 (unblogged?)
Blazer: Stitchfix
Day 2

Day 3
Dress: McCalls 6744 (unblogged)
Day 4
Skirt: No pattern, just a tube with an elastic band (unblogged)

Day 5
Skirt: Jenny Skirt from Burda (unblogged)

Day 6
Skirt: self-drafted Dirndl Skirt (unblogged)

Day 7
Dress: Salme Patterns Pussy Bow Dress (unblogged?)

Day 8
Top: Out of Print McCalls Pattern whose number I can't find (unblogged?)

Day 9
Dress: Same as the skirt from Day 4, but worn as a dress

Day 10
Top: Sewaholic Renfrew (unblogged?)

Day 11
Dress: Butterick 5886 (unblogged)
So there's the first week and a half! This challenge has not been as hard as I initially thought, although it was certainly harder than previous years when I was sewing constantly. Of the last 11 days, 5 items were made in the last month and 6 were from back in the day, before my sewing break. I feel good about that ratio, and this month I'm definitely being challenged to sew more, which is good since I finally have a full-on sewing room that needs to be used!
Thanks for reading darlings!