8 Week's to a Better Me: Week 6 (plus a lot of other stuff...)

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Week 5 down! Here's how I did...

1) Send an "I'm thinking of you" text everyday. Most days...

2) Go on a fun, crazy date! Last night was Bingo night! The boy actually remembered the crazy date goal and had to remind me! PS Bingo is the new weekly obsession...

3) Take a cute picture! Accomplished at a Missions baseball game last Friday!

Week 6 is Home Sweet Home! The idea is to make your home more functional and make you happy when you walk in the door. What a lovely idea! I'm not going to have much time this week as I'll be out of town this weekend for a wedding, but I'll try to get some serious stuff done!

1. Clean out and organize cabinet in bathroom. I have a black hole of a cabinet that is full of medicine, travel size shampoos, curling irons etc. It's an awkward shape and has never been organized since I moved in so I'm planning to get that taken care of!

2.Weed through my books. My mom's a librarian and I have inherited the trait of collection books but they're now overflowing from my 3 bookcases. I need to weed out so I can buy more!

3. Buy flowers for my house. Peonies are my favorite and they're in season. Plus they make me happy when I come home!

Now, on to the Sew Weekly Challenge! My first challenge and my first true vintage pattern! I used McCalls 7827 (which I got at an estate sale and did not pay as much as that link!) and a satin backed crepe from JoAnns. I LOVE this pattern. I am having some problems with straps, they're a little far apart for my frame but that's what I get for not making a muslin...
Love the low back!

Close up of the bow detail on the back. Wasn't sure I was going to keep these on beyond the photo shoot but they so nicely cover the waistline and top of the zipper, which I don't usually think look that great on my garments, so they're probably going to stay. Wish I had been at Ascot myself!

Finally, I need your help! I'm hoping to get a dress finished for a wedding this weekend. I don't know much about the wedding, other than the fact that it's not super casual. I was thinking about making this dress from Chic and Simple Sewing with this red satin fabric. I'm thinking this pattern will go together pretty easily, especially because it doesn't have closures and my time to work on the dress is limited. Does this look appropriate? Can't decide if red is too much for a wedding...


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June 21, 2011 at 6:41 PM delete

Love the spotted dress. In Australia noone under 60 would go near in Bingo game. Who knows maybe bingo will go the way of lawn bowls and become uber cool?

June 21, 2011 at 7:00 PM delete

i've been wanting to make that same dress from chic and simple sewing for awhile now! i haven't been able to find fabric that i felt like suits it. i think your satin looks just perfect!

June 22, 2011 at 4:26 AM delete

The make of the dress isn't overly sexy so the red wouldn't be too much at all. I think that dress would be very pretty for a wedding.

I love the polka dot dress. So sweet.

Meg the Grand
June 23, 2011 at 10:45 AM delete

I adore the bows!! What a fabulous dress - very elegant and hat polishes off the ensemble so nicely! I think your red dress would be very pretty for a summer wedding - excellent fabric choice! PS I love bingo. Or maybe I just love yelling out things in a perfectly silent room of people concentrating. Whatevs :)