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Got a mid-week break this week to travel to Houston to see my cousin Hunter graduate! Which, for those of you not from Texas, means traveling through the best Barbeque country in the world! Even though we were running late, I convinced my mom to stop at me and the boyfriend's favorite, City Market in Luling...

When the guys in the smoke room saw me taking pictures they let me come back to the pits and see inside!
Best lunch ever...
Wednesday night was graduation night and my darling cousin from Nashville flew in to see his brother! From left to right: future Nashville star cousin, gorgeous little sister, fab mom and aunt.

I was able to make progess on the green polka dot dress last night and got the bodice mostly finished. Now to attempt buttonholes for the first time ever. Wish me luck!


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One seriously powerful "Goodluck" coming right through, with loads of barbecue sauce on it!!lol...