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I feel like I'm always making excuses as to why I haven't gotten much sewing done, but this week they're legit. Promise. My car broke down and I had to spend Friday night and Saturday with my parents in another town before I could get back home. Plus I'm babysitting the boyfriends giant dog who likes to knock over my ironing board, with the hot iron on it and the sewing I have been able to do has mostly been alterations to a bridesmaids dress for a friend who is going to be a wedding this coming weekend. That being said, I did throw together this little top last night (from the Burda FREE Kimono t-shirt pattern), worn with the denim pencil skirt, both of which were part of the fabrics I was hoping to sew before the summer is over. The shirt was a little bit of a nightmare because the vintage jersey is so slippery! The hem is pretty terrible so I'm thinking about just taking it out and leaving it raw. And it's a little big so I might take it in. All in all though, it's a pretty great, simple pattern that you can throw together in a hot minute...

Also, I wore the zebra pencil skirt today so I thought I would show you an action shot (pretend you can't see through my shirt please).
What did everyone think of Project Runway on Thursday? I have to say, I loved the challenge and I thought for the most part, the contestants made some really great things! Also, Christina Ricci was weird but her outfit was cute. Loved the winning design and hated the losing one. Rarely do I agree with the judges on both counts, but this was one of those nights... I think it's sort of too early to have favorites yet, however, I do love Anthony, the color blind guy, and Bert (the winner), who has such a great design pedigree. I really think he's going to do beautiful things. Here's hoping he makes his comeback!
Here's what I loved:

and hated:


Hope you've had a great start to your week!


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Love the kimono t-shirt. The free pattern doesn't seem to be available anymore. Sad. Your zebra skirt is great too.

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Weird! It should still work... Here's the link again: