Yet another pencil skirt...

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So, surprise surprise, I made another pencil skirt. And I have a few more cut out, so I hope you're not sick of them yet. Pencil skirts are definitely one of my work staples and I really wanted a few in bright colors for this summer. This is a red version of the pink one below that I made for Me Made May.

Both of these skirts are based on Burda's Jenny pattern with a few modifications. First, neither of these skirts are lined. The fabric is medium weight and since it's summer I didn't want a lining that would make them hot to wear. It was 110 degrees in Texas today after all. Second, I copied Tilly's Autumn Maple skirt modification and just cut one waistband and folded it in half, instead of using two and attaching one to the lining. (not sure if that sentence made any sense unless you've made this pattern.) Anyway, these skirts gave me a chance to use this cool notion I picked up at an estate sale a while back. It's called "Perfect Waist Maker" and it's basically a strip of fusible interfacing with a serration down the middle.

You fuse it to the fabric then iron the fold along the serration and you have a perfectly sturdy, interfaced waistband. I haven't looked for this product in the fabric store yet because I still have plenty left so does any one know if this is still available? Most of the stuff at the estate sale I bought it from looked at least 10 years old, so I'm not sure if this is a contemporary product. If it is, you should go get some today!

Does anybody else have new cool notions they've tried that I should know about?

Hope you're having a great week ladies!


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Ooh, super cute! And I love the waist maker! I'll have to find that!