It's Friday!

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So happy it's Friday! This week has been nuts at work! You can always tell how tough my week has been by the number of Dr. Pepper cans on my desk!

So a few thoughts for Friday...

1. I'm working on my 8 Weeks to a Better Me goal of planning the rest of my summer sewing. I would love to have had some organized, cute theme like the Colette Spring Palette challenge but instead I basically pulled a bunch of the summery looking fabrics out of my stash and planned around them. Hopefully I'll end up doing more sewing than this, but it's a start. Plus I made an impulse/early birthday purchase of the Sewaholic Lonsdale Dress pattern (pre-order for free shipping until Monday!) this morning, so that will go on the list too but I haven't picked a fabric for it yet. I am working on planning my fall sewing based more around holes in my wardrobe and some sort of color story, we'll see how it goes...

Here are the fabrics I'm planning on using for the rest of my summer sewing:

Top left is a sheet I picked up from Goodwill, probably going to use a vintage pattern I have to make a sleeveless wrap dress with a ruffle neckline. Middle left will be a pair of short shorts. I've never tackled shorts or pants before so this should be interesting. No plans for bottom left yet but it's such a fun summery pattern I have to use it!

Also, I'm going to try to tackle a few knits this summer. I've made two dresses with knit before but I didn't know what I was doing so I'm going to use tips from Gertie's blog and make the Kimono sleeve top from Burda with the top right, vintage polka dot knit. The middle right is another vintage knit I picked up a garage sale in high school, way before I knew how to sew. I was really drawn to the goldfish and the fun teal color. I really want to make a dress but I only have a little over a yard, so it might be a stretch! (get it!) Lastly, the bottom left is a thin, dark denim for a pencil skirt. Yet another case of only having a yard of fabric. Any suggestions for a good pencil skirt pattern that only uses a yard? I can always use a different fabric for the facings if I'm cutting it close...

2. Love the Sew Weekly Challenge this week! Forcing me to finish a dress that I've put off for over a year and all it really needs is a hem!

3. I've noticed the last few days that I've been putting on my "me made" clothes without thinking of them "me made". This may sound weird but until recently, I've been conscious of the fact that I'm choosing to wear something I made versus something I bought. However, the last few days I've just thought "I want to wear that dress", not "I want to wear that dress I made". I think it's because my handmade clothes are finally just becoming part of my regular wardrobe, not my "handmade" wardrobe. Has this happened to anyone else or am I just crazy?

4. Welcome to North America Princess Kate. Your arrival and choice of outfit was fabulous as always!

5. The new Matchbook Magazine is out this week. If you haven't checked it out yet, you must! I just wish they made a print version, I would subscribe in a heartbeat!

6. Not much sewing will be happening this weekend due to celebrating family birthdays and a MUCH needed trip to the river! I intend to sit on a deck chair and read trashy novels for hours! (and swim a little too...) Also, the boy and I are celebrating 5 years together on Monday. Here's to 50 more!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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July 1, 2011 at 12:27 PM delete

love seeing what you have coming up in your sewing queue! making plans for what i'm going to sew is actually sometimes my favorite part of sewing...

and i second your thoughts about putting on your me-mades without even thinking about it. i've crossed over to that too, and it's a great feeling!

Meg the Grand
July 1, 2011 at 5:31 PM delete

I love that your Dr Pepper cans have Thor written all over them - it's like they give your super powers to complete your work! That's how I feel about Coke Zero anyway :) Love the goldfish fabric - what a fabulous color and design! I'm excited about all the projects you are talking about because your fabric choices above are splendid!