Sunday Night Musings...

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-Finally finished the aprons! The two on the left are examples of the 6 I made for the instructors of the pie making class and the one on the right I made to give away as a door prize. They turned out to be very cute and the women receiving them are very excited. Too bad they took WAY longer than anticipated!

-My Sewaholic patterns came in! Trying to decide whether or not to try and get the Lonsdale dress finished for my birthday dinner this weekend or wait until the sewalong...

-In other birthday news, I hit up JoAnns this weekend for a little pre-birthday fabric shopping (not really any different than the fabric shopping I do all year, except I feel less guilty ;). 2 new Simplicity patterns, a blue plaid suiting for $2 a yard (!), a fabulous grey zebra print quilting cotton to make a pencil skirt and a gorgeous floral quilting cotton with cute birds that I hoping to pair with some bright blue fabric from Goodwill to make a version of Shoes and Sewing's Night Bloom knock-off.

-Started watching Gertie's bombshell dress lessons this weekend. I already feel like I'm learning a ton and the lessons are super interesting but making the dress seems like quite the project so I might save it for a few weeks until I'm feeling up to it!

-I do not love the new fall Vogue patterns as much as these ladies...

-I had the pleasure of having my cute 14 year old cousin stay with me this weekend, so I'm amazed that between the movie watching, sleeping late, shopping, face masks and apron sewing that I was able to sew something for myself! More on that tomorrow...

Have a fabulous Monday loves!


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Meg the Grand
July 19, 2011 at 9:03 PM delete

Love the aprons!! I just bought the vintage Simplicity pattern too - cannot wait to make the blouse. That hummingbird fabric is simply divine!

July 20, 2011 at 12:17 AM delete

That bird print is rather special. Can't wait to see how that flys. (Terrible pun, I know)