The Life Seduction Challenge

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When I saw this post today from Tonya Leigh I was super excited for something to get me through August, which is not my favorite month. My birthday month is over, is super hot in Texas and I'm longing for fall weather which won't be around for another few months. It would be a better month if I got to do this this weekend:

but alas, I'm not sure when my next river weekend will be...

The idea of this challenge is to do at least one of these things everyday for a month in order to remind yourself to enjoy life and be seduced by the beauty around you. Or at least that's what the point is for me. Since it's the 2nd, I'll have to double up at least one day, but with such lovely things to do I don't really mind! Join me won't you?

1. Buy fresh flowers for your home
2. Take 15 minutes to eat a delicious, artisan dark truffle
3. Go skinny dipping (or at least go swimming)
4. Visit the farmer’s market and inquire about the life of one farmer. Get into his/her world.
5. Tell someone exactly what you desire without shame
6. Walk barefoot in the grass
7. Make love in an unusual place
8. Spend a day doing nothing except relax
9. Throw a dinner party
10. Dress up to go to the grocery store (I’m talking make-the-butcher-turn-his-head dressing up)
11. Send a surprise I-think-you’re-fabulous handwritten note to someone
12. Go technology free for one full day
13. Get a massage
14. Flirt with a stranger (for beginners: brief eye contact with a little smile, then look away)
15. Get a makeover at a makeup counter
16. Go for a stroll after dinner (I said stroll, not power walk)
17. Bring up an intoxicating topic with friends
18. Have Champagne for no reason at all except to celebrate life
19. Set a timer and say a gratitude on the hour
20. Choose a feeling you desire to experience and think/do/be whatever it takes to create it
21. Wear your most bold, bright lipstick; reapply as needed
22. Serve your dinner in courses and spend at least twenty minutes with each. End with a bite of something delicious.
23. Remove 5 things from your environment that don’t make you feel beautiful
24. Do something completely out of character
25. Write a love note to yourself
26. Invite someone you desire to know to lunch
27. Put a trip on your calendar that you desire to take within the next 6 months
28. Buy yourself a lovely fragrance
29. Spend a day writing out your desires in a beautiful journal
30. Learn 5 new words in a foreign language and actually use them
31. Kiss someone (even if it’s your dog)
32. Try an exotic food you’ve never tasted
33. Pretend that everyone loves you and wants you to be a huge success
34. Light candles
35. Ask more questions and talk less
36. Read a poem to someone you love
37. Teach a kid something they’ll never forget (e.g. card trick, secret handshake or a funny word)
38. Take one small step that frightens you
39. Wear a flower in your hair
40. Pretend for one day that you don’t know your age
41. Watch a foreign film
42. Throw a slumber party
43. Turn a common dish into a delicacy (e.g. truffled popcorn, carmelized onion burgers, grilled brie and pear sandwiches)
44. Buy yourself a silk pillowcase. It feels good and is better for the skin
45. Brag on yourself at least 5 times
46. Pay extra special attention to your posture
47. Wear an apron when you cook
48. Listen to romantic, sexy music all day
49. Speak love to every animal you see, including insects
50. Send your worst enemy flowers anonymously
51. Catch moments of negativity and charge them with laughter
52. Donate $10 to your favorite charity. Every little thing matters
53. Smile a lot. Best beauty tip on the market


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This is so sweet! Wish I'd come across it earlier...

Meg the Grand
August 10, 2011 at 11:48 AM delete

I think this is a brilliant idea!