Polka Dot Fever

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My last two sewing projects unfortunately did not count towards my stash busting goal since they were already cut out when I counted my yardage. Now, however, the busting begins. I started working through the extra green and white polka dot left from my fabulously 80's dress. First I made a Sorbetto (no pleat, plus sleeves) that is a fun, lightweight, easy piece...

This picture doesn't show the shirt very well but I like the way it made my "reading nook" look so I used it anyway. Plus my battery was about to die... Also, I've been getting a TON of wear out of this skirt!
Next, I have a baby shower coming up next weekend and inspired by Valerie I decided to make baby shoes. I was telling a co-worker about my project and she asked me to make a set for a baby shower she has this weekend. I also threw in a diaper cover inspired by the tutorial on Made (the shoes are based on these). I'm planning on making another set in the polka dot, plus one in pink gingham for my shower. Yay for stash busting! (also, I'm not gonna lie, making baby shoes makes me 1% want to have a baby...)



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Meg the Grand
August 20, 2011 at 1:35 PM delete

OMG. Love your Sorbetto and the baby items are absolutely precious! Way to bust that stash!

Melizza Makes
August 22, 2011 at 9:33 AM delete

Your Sorbetto is adorable. And the baby stuff are too.