Daddy Long Legs

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Something about grey, cloudy days make me want to take the day off work, curl up on my couch and watch old movies. Today is one of those days where I would much rather be home watching my favorite, Daddy Long Legs, than at my desk preparing for a Board meeting...

If you haven't seen it, Daddy Long Legs is a 1955 movie with Leslie Caron and the fabulous Fred Astaire. It's the story of an 18 year old French orphan (Leslie Caron) who is discovered by a rich American playboy (Fred Astaire) while he's touring the French countryside. His car breaks down on the side of the road and he catches a ride to the orphanage in hopes that the maintenance man can fix his car. He sees her out the window, teaching the younger children how to spell and is enchanted by her, so he secretly pays her way to come to America and go to college. She never knows who he his, but calls him her "Daddy Long Legs" because she sees his shadow on a building and the shadow has really long legs... Anyway, they eventually meet, fall in love and have lots of incredible dance scenes. Of course, being set in the 1950's, the clothes are gorgeous, but my favorite scene is when Leslie Caron first arrives at school and is surprised by trunks of gorgeous clothes appearing in her dorm room. This needs to be my life... Except for the orphan part of course!

Hope everyone's having a great Thursday!


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Hmmm, I read this book when I was about 10, and I remember thinking it was gross for them to fall in love. Oh the innocence of a child. I have not.seen the movie.