MMM Day 4: TGIF!

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Note to self: I really need to figure out this whole posing thing... In other news, so glad it's Friday! this week has been crazy and definitely calls for margaritas tonight and then a whole Saturday of sewing and Netflix!

The outfit today seems like a bit of a cop-out because only the shirt is made by me. However, I've had to fix the skirt so many times (resewing seams, replacing zippers, etc) that it almost seems made by me. The shirt is from
McCalls 5884 and is made from a some silky synthetic from JoAnns. I'm using this pattern again this weekend but I'll hopefully be able to figure out the modification of making the tie a ruffle. Wish me luck and HAPPY FRIDAY!


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Hey, you look today as Emma Pillsbury, no doubt, love the bowl of your blouse