Me-Made-March Day 2

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Pardon the weird pose, I'm too busy admiring my fave new shoes to look at the camera! One of the perks of my job is access to plenty of clothes to refashion. The nonprofit I work for has a clothing pantry for homeless and poverty stricken individuals and families so we receive tons of clothing donations from people in the community. Sometimes, when we have donations that stay on the rack for months, we pull them and take them to charity thrift stores like Goodwill, that is, unless I get to them first! This dress came from work and in its original state I understand why it got passed over! But after taking it in and cutting the sleeves off, it became one of my favorite work dresses!

Planning on doing a lot of sewing tonight since tomorrow I have a Strategic Planning meeting with our Board of Directors and a funding workshop with the United Way, both of which will cause me to collapse on the couch after work and not move for the rest of the night...

Happy Wednesday!


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that's such a great refashion, i love it (ohhh and i adore the heels!!)