MMM Day 5 & 6: Weekends are never long enough!

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Disclaimer: These photos are HORRIBLE! But I'm working on it...

Weekends are definitely never long enough, but I did have a good weekend seeing The Adjustment Bureau (pretty good movie), laying on the couch and watching endless Criminal Minds episodes, sewing and eating yummy food!

I managed to wear something I made both days this weekend! A miracle! Although, the sweater I wore on Saturday morning is sort of a disaster. I made it from Butterick 5394 with a flannel from JoAnns. I intended it to be a cute, warm, plaid, long cardi to wear to the movies and it turned out looking like an old man's bathrobe (not that you can really tell from the picture but that's why my expression looks depressed :). It's too big and has a floppy collar and cuffs that don't help the situation. I've gone back and forth with the idea of fixing it because it would require removing pockets in order to take it in, which might be more work than I want to do. I had pretty much resigned myself to the idea that it would be fine for wearing around the house and maybe walking to the local taco place for breakfast on Saturdays, but now I'm feeling like it deserves more of a life than that. But since I live in Texas and we probably only have a week or two of below 80degree weather left, it might go in the "you need to fix this" basket until the fall when it gets cool again.

I finally finished the Coffee Date dress from Selfish Seamstress and got to wear it to church on Sunday for the first time. I started to make this dress last spring to wear to a work fundraising event but I had problems putting in the zipper (in part from trying to match up the waistband and in part because I didn't have as much sewing experience). I put it aside to finish later and never got around to it, so I decided, since I have to come up with something handmade to wear every day this month, that I should finish up a few UFOs to add to the mix. Part of what I love about this dress is that it's made from a sheet from Walmart. The fabric was great to sew with and since a twin size sheet is $4.95 and is plenty of fabric, it's a crazy good deal! I'm thinking I might start making muslins with Walmart sheets, since I usually don't believe in spending money on fabric for something I'm not planning on wearing, but the sheets are so cheap! I hemmed the skirt with my rolled hem foot which, let me just say, is the greatest invention ever (next to my invisible zipper and blind hem feet)! I bought a lot of 14 presser feet off Ebay a few weeks ago and it's literally changing my sewing life! Before I just had a buttonhole, zipper and standard foot, but everything is so much easier with specialized feet! LOVE IT!

Finally, I made this dress this weekend from Simplicity 3835 from the Built by You line. I've made a shirt from this pattern before, which I liked but the sleeves were a little awkward. I had the same problem this time, the sleeves are super tight! I read a few reviews on on Pattern Review and no one else seemed to have the same problem so maybe I just have fat arms? Anyway, I'm ignoring it right now but I know I'll have to take them out and re-do them eventually. Also, I did think that, despite the name "mini-dress", it might be long enough to wear to work. Clearly not. Especially since I work at a Christian non-profit. I might bend over and show everyone the good china... Overall I like it though. It has a cute 60's vibe and at the very least it was fun to wear to dinner Sunday night and tonight with dad and the sister...
In the meantime I've had an online shopping spree. I bought a great new bag and a suit from The Limited, which is having an incredible suit sale! Waiting for all the stuff to come in the mail and avoiding my credit card bill!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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Wow I love the colour of your coffee date dress. I'm officially jealous. I don't have any official built by Wendy patterns, but I have all three of her books, and I suspect I have fat arms as well, so thanks for theft heads up.