MMM Day 3: Full of Glee!

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I must be feeling sassy today, and full of glee because it's nearly Friday! Although the name of this post actually refers to the inspiration for my skirt, my fave from Glee, Emma Pillsbury! I loved her skirt in the Touch Me number from the Rocky Horror episode last October and although this isn't an exact replica, it's definitely inspired by that look...

I made it from McCalls 5631, with a crepe backed satin from JoAnns. Now I wish I would have made it a little shorter and maybe underlined it with a stiffer fabric so it stood out a little more. However, two of my Board members complimented me on it today so I guess it still works...

Was looking forward to casual Friday at the office tomorrow but then I remembered I have to speak at a Rotary Club luncheon. Guess it's another day in heels...

Happy Thursday!


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Super-cute skirt, very Emma. I love how you have accessorised it with the belt and shoes!