8 Weeks To A Better Me: Week 2

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Obviously I am not capable of getting this post up on Sunday or Monday so maybe, for the purposes of this challenge, my week starts on Tuesday...

As far as last week goals go:

1. Find a design I like for my blog. Done! I like this one a lot for now, but you never know, I could hate it in a week!

2. Create a banner. Done! Love it!

3. Practice taking pictures. Sorta. I took a ton of pictures with my Iphone and various photo apps and I feel like I'm taking good pictures on those, but I still need to work on photos with my camera for outfit posts...

Week 2 is about fitness and health and the guest blogger on Sometimes Sweet was Amber from I Love You To The Moon, a blog which I've recently discovered and absolutely adore! (And Amber's a fellow Texan which makes me love her more ;)

My three goals this week are to:

1) Take a ballet class. I took ballet for 8 years as a kid and loved it but I haven't done it since I was 14. I have a Groupon for dance lessons but I haven't used it yet so I'm hoping to start this week.

2) Take at least one yoga class at my studio. I LOVE my studio but I never seem to make it over there, so I'll try to at least once this week.

3)Do yoga at home 3 times this week. Yoga is my workout of choice and I try to do at least 20 minutes everyday but I'm not always consistent. It really calms me down and makes me feel stretched out and great so I really need to work on doing it more often and, as my yoga teacher would say, with "intention"...

Also, I know I haven't sewn in FOREVER, but I did make a necklace last night with beads I picked up at Michael's the other day, so that counts as crafty right?

Happy Shoesday Tuesday!


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Melizza Makes
May 24, 2011 at 5:37 PM delete

Very impressed that you can walk in those shoes. They are hot! And very high :)

May 25, 2011 at 6:03 AM delete

I'm liking the new look for the blog! I've really got to get round to doing mine....