High Heel Challenge

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(This post was orginally published on 5/11 but was a victim of the 2011 Blogger meltdown...)

Two facts about me:

1. I work in a very small office.

2. I have a shoe obsession.

Due to these two facts, as well as the fact that only women work in my building, we talk a lot about shoes, purses, clothes, manicures, etc at the office. While I was participating in the Me-Made-March challenge, my office mates kept me on track and expected daily reports on what I was wearing that was handmade. After the challenge was over, one of my co-workers commented that I should do a similar challenge and try to wear a different pair of heels everyday for a month, so this month I'm exhausting my shoe collection...

In some ways this challenge has been suprisingly harder for me than Me-Made-March! While I do have an extensive heel collection, around 50 pairs, I'm finding it hard to come up with a different pair everyday, in part because only around half of the shoes are work appropriate and many are sort of wintery looking, so I can't wear them with the summery clothes I'm sporting in 90 degree south Texas. I'm not forcing myself to wear heels on the weekend, however, if I do wear them on the weekend they're out of the rotation.

Below are photos of my shoes, which are currently on display on bookshelves in my bedroom. I'm taking advantage of my single girl, Carrie Bradshaw life and leaving them out since the boyfriend has already ruled that this is "not happening" when we're married...

(the white tabs in front of the shoes mark the one's I've already worn)


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Meg the Grand
May 18, 2011 at 4:09 PM delete

Oh, it's like a shelf full of wearable candy!!! I am loving this challenge already :)