Just Another Manic Monday... (or Tuesday)

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(I was planning on getting this up yesterday but didn't get around to it... Oops!)

I have an aunt who I'm very close to that, as long as I've known her (aka my whole life), is obsessed with "organizing her life". I would say, compared to most people, she has a very organized life but it's still a major quest, something she's always striving to do better. Lately, I've been in an on-again off-again funk. Don't get me wrong, I'm generally happy in my life and consider myself to be a very blessed girl but occasionally, in the last few months I've been feeling out of sorts so I want to strive to find small things I can do improve my happiness and general quality of life and constantly work towards making my life easier and more pleasant. Whether it be committing to visit a museum once a month or going to yoga twice a week or making myself cupcakes whenever I feel like it...

When I heard about
Sometimes Sweet's "8 Weeks to a Better Me" Challenge (via Sew I Thought), I fell in love! Basically she's taking one area of her life every week and picking a blogger who is proficient in that area to guest blog on her site. Then she sets three goals for the week based on the theme. I think this is such a great concept and a way to make little changes to improve things and make me happier! I'm always in a better mood when I'm working towards something, and weekly goals seem really achievable and not huge and scary...

Week one is blogging, so my three goals are to:

1. Find a design I like for my blog. I see other blogs that I love but I can't seem to get mine the way I want it. Sounds like I need to read tons of other blogs this week for inspiration... Darn ;)

2. Create a banner. I have the Adobe Creative Suite but literally know NOTHING about it. I'd like to look for a tutorial on banner making for the blog and get one created.

3. Practice taking pictures. First of all, I have a terrible point and shoot camera, but I would like to learn to make the best of it until I can afford a nicer one.

(Speaking of photography, I recently discovered the Hipstamatic app for my IPhone and I love it! I know I'm late to the game. Every time I heard about this app I thought I would never use it but I bought it in boredom and now I'm OBSESSED!)

Also, I finished up my sewing area/dining room and it looks SO MUCH BETTER! Below are pics of the new room (taken with my Hipstamatic app of course!)

My dining table that I could now dine on! Plus my new fabric shelf!

Fabric shelf completely stuffed! This has actually been a good exercise in awareness of how big my stash is! I literally cannot stuff one more piece in that shelf so I'll have to sew before I can buy more fabric. Also, all my new patterns are in the cardboard boxes on the right.
Closet of doom no longer! The cardboard boxes hold vintage patterns and my scraps and trims are stored in boxes on the second shelf from the bottom.
Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!


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May 17, 2011 at 6:18 PM delete

Thats one of my favourite songs.
The 8 week challenge sounds really interesting. At this point I am so freaked out by knit, that I can't even think of challenging myself to any other thing.

May 17, 2011 at 8:32 PM delete

I feel your pain on the point and shoot camera. My point and shoot coupled with my terrible photography skills is not a good mix. The photos you took with the instagram look really nice though! :]

Melizza Makes
May 19, 2011 at 2:57 AM delete

I totally just posted about my sewing space. I love getting a view of other people's, gives me ideas. I am still working on where to keep my fabric and a shelf of some sort sounds best right now since I own a shelf and all.

Thanks for sharing!