Lemon Gelato and Sewing Craziness

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Haven't sewn in a few weeks and of course, when I get back to it I'm way over ambitious! I'm working on Simplicity 2250, in a royal blue broadcloth from Fabric.com, view A. It's kind of a nightmare because the bodice is full of darts and pleats and the fabric is picking like crazy! Also, I thought that this fabric was 60" and then discovered it was 45" after I already had my heart set on using it so the lining and pockets are a mishmash of different fabrics I had lying in the scrap basket. I'm trying to get it finished tonight to wear to a wedding shower back home this weekend. it has to be finished tonight because I'm leaving to head home tomorrow afternoon... (sorry the pic is terrible!)

I'm also trying to finish this Cynthia Rowley skirt I started forever ago and never finished. All it needs is a zipper and a hem and then hopefully I can wear it tomorrow night to dinner with my parents, the boyfriend and his parents. We're going to the home of the world's best chicken fried steak so, yes, you can be jealous of me now. Hopefully I'll have great pictures this weekend to show you!
Alright, break's over, back to sewing. But first, a shout out to my love Brit who's living in Turin, Italy and eating a TON of gelato this year. Had this after work for you doll. Supposedly it's "authentic"...
Madi and E, love you guys too!


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