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So I've been in kind of a sewing funk lately... Once my Cynthia Rowley skirt became a nightmare of epic proportions, I put it aside for awhile to start a new project. The plan was to work on the Kate Middleton dress from my last post but for some reason I haven't had a huge urge to sew. I've been in a bit of a funk generally, some work stuff and some family stuff has been kind of a bummer lately, but usually that makes me want to sew more!

Anyway, I had the boyfriend and his huge black dog staying with me Thursday through Sunday nights so when I got home from work today, the plan was to scrub all the boy cooties and dog hair out of my apartment (not that I don't love having you visit JM and Jack!).

The boy and his dog :)

But when I got home, my mess of a sewing/dining room was staring me in the face... Here's the full disclousure part: I live in a tiny apartment and my dining room is my permanent sweatshop. Between my pattern and fabric collecting habit and sheer laziness, the room has gotten to be quite a mess. It seems, no matter how clean the rest of my apartment it, the dining room always makes the whole place look messy and awful! I do subscribe to the theory that, if possible, you should keep your machine up all the time so that you'll sew more, however, I think I need a more organized, attractive space so that I can feel better about the state of my living space!

My "dining" table that hasn't seen a meal in months!

The sad basket of fabric in the corner...

The closet of doom...

So I'm spending the next day or two working on a better solution for this room. I'll keep you posted!

When Denise at Blue Gardenia was featuring sewing spaces, I drooled over many a sewing bloggers sewing space, but by far my favorite was Mena from The Sew Weekly's! So jealous! Here's hoping someday I'll have a space like hers!

Have a great week!


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Meg the Grand
May 10, 2011 at 12:11 PM delete

I know, right? Mena's sewing space is divine! I'm like you - the closet of doom is always staring me in the face. Good luck with the organizing!