MMM Day 7: Mondays are for meetings...

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Love this dress! (This picture is also terrible...) It's the second time I've made Simplicity 2406 from Cynthia Rowley. Both times I've made it I've had problems with the back closure. It's made to be open back with facings down the back seam, so a zipper is hard to insert. The last time I left the dress open-backed with a hook and eye at the top because it was more evening. This time I tried to insert a zipper but I couldn't make it look right so I closed it with 4 hook and eyes. However, those kept coming undone, so now I have 4 buttons and loops. This seems to be holding alright but the buttons are kinda uncomfortable to lean back on in a chair. At this point, I might just close the back up entirely because I'm pretty sure I can just pull it over my head... Ugh. If only clothes could magically appear on my body so I didn't have to deal with closures!

On another note, I love this fabric from JoAnns! (Clearly where I buy almost all my fabric...) It was on clearance and there was only 1 3/4 yards left. This was the only dress pattern I had that used such little fabric and I didn't want to try to fiddle with some other pattern to make it work. I think it turned out pretty well, which I'm judging by the fact that the cashier at La Madeline today said it was cute and asked where I got it!

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It's always nice when you get complimented on something you made right? I get super proud of myself when someone does. Sometimes they don't even have to say anything, just look at the dress. Then I convince myself its because of the my superior craftmanship, and probably not because the seams are unraveling. The dress looks nice by the way. I also find it tricky inserting zips, so its nice to find its not only me.