Three Skirt Night

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So, last night I got on a sewing tear and decided to buzz through several quick projects. I ended up making 3 black and white skirts, which is sort of hilarious and limiting to my wardrobe... The one on the left is the striped jersey version of the peacock dress/skirt and the one on the right is the leopard print pencil skirt blogged about here...

This skirt is a refashion from Goodwill. I didn't take a before picture because it looked pretty much the same except it had a waistband and zipper. It was a little large so I cut off the waistband and put in an elastic waist. This skirt is obviously handmade by some other home seamstress, which is kind of cool, except for the fact that she didn't' finish her seam allowances! Tisk tisk...

I also was able to mend 2 other dresses to throw into the Self Stitched September ring! Sew productive! (oh how I love puns...)

Happy Tuesday!


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Love black and white stripes and don't mind a bit of leopard print either - great skirts!