SSS Days 10-11

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Day 10 is a perfect example of what this challenge is great for, helping you realize where the gaps in your wardrobe are. I sort of already knew this but, I don't make casual clothes. I have very few "non-work" pieces and when the boyfriend and I planned a BBQ and two-stepping outing for a friend's birthday this weekend, I realized that any dresses I had appropriate for that occasion I had already worn in the first 9 days of September. Luckily, I steal things from my grandmother. Or more accurately, last time I was visiting, I commented that one of her house dresses had a really pretty fabric so she insisted I take it. Love grandmothers! They make getting ready for a night of country western dancing way easier! I just had to take in the sides, cut out some of the neckline and remove a few feet from the bottom. Easily done in 30 minutes before I started making burgers and birthday cake!

This is a terrible picture, just showing that the dress was huge and long before...

Closeup of pretty fabric!
 Day 11: old reliable coffee date dress; worn for church, then immediately taken off in favor of pjs when I got home...

Happy Monday! Just a few more days to enter the Studio P Vintage Giveaway!


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Wow, love what you did with the first dress! It looks great! And the second dress is adorable. I feel ya about swapping for PJs... doing the self-stitched September has forced me to change out of mine on days when I work from home... though I usually promptly change back once I'm in the comfort of my house. :)