SSS Day 23-25

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Not a lot of posting going on around here lately. I'm in full blown event mode. Left the office 2 hours after everyone else tonight and I'm anticipating that it will get worse before it gets better. Hopefully I'll have Saturday free to finish my cocktail dress and post a picture of it, but other than that, I'll probably be neglecting the blog until the end of next week!
Here's the rundown for the weekend:
Day 23: Full of Glee skirt; worn for work and errand running, this is how I do casual Friday's this month since I barely have any self-made casual clothes...
Day 24: Green Polka Dot pajama shorts (not blogged about); sort of a cop-out day, I had to drive to my hometown for a funeral and since I don't really have any self-made, funeral appropriate dresses, I wore a store bought one. Ended up spending all day in my hometown shopping with my mom so by the time I got back to San Antonio, it was time to slip on pjs and hit the sack. (no picture of me because the lack of make-up and grungy t-shirt were frightening...)
Day 25: Cheap Fabric shirt; worn for making dinner at the future sister-in-law's house and seeing her SUPER cute baby! Happy 5 month birthday Cade!
Also, just for fun, here's some newly released pics from the me & the boyfriend's "faux engagement" shoot...

Happy Wednesday!