Easiest Sewing Project Ever.

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It's a skirt, it's a dress, it's literally the easiest thing I've ever made in my life! I got this great peacock feather cotton jersey on Etsy. It was an end of bolt remnant, only 30" but I got it for 20% off.

Day 9 (day); worn for work

Day 9 (night); worn for my bff's bridal fitting and
a comedy show with the boyfriend
I was originally just planning on making a pencil-like skirt but decided it would be cute as a tube dress as well. I got a ton of compliments on it, which is obviously entirely due to the print because the construction is no great show of skill. It is however, an opportunity to try to convince my friends to take up sewing! I seriously need more people doing this so I can justify my habit... When they say it's cute I can literally say it took me half an hour and no sewing skills to make. See kids, sewing can fun and easy! Jump on the bandwagon!

Here's my really unscientific method for making this dress: Since I wanted to wear it as a dress and skirt, I took both my waist measurement and my upper bust measurement then averaged the two, divided that number in half and added one inch for seam allowance. Then I folded the edge of the fabric over to the measurement I wanted (in this case 17.5")

Badly lit, unhelpful photo

Then I cut along the edge of the folded fabric, sewed a zig-zag stich with a 1/2" seam allowance up the side, folded the top over 3/4" twice and sewed down to make a casing, added 1/2" elastic and cut the bottom off even. SO EASY! (so much so that I'm laughing at myself for labeling this a "tutorial")

I love this dress/skirt because when worn with a t-shirt and elastic belt to work it's just about the most comfy thing ever. I might as well being wearing pjs. Also, it's cute as a dress with no belt and flip flops, for running around town. I have another piece of black and white striped jersey that I will use this same technique for, although I can't decide if I should just make it a skirt (aka, cut 5 or so inches of the bottom), rather than a skirt dress/combo. I'm afraid it might look like a sexy inmate costume when worn as a dress. Wait, have I just figured out what I'm going to be for Halloween?

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Meg the Grand
September 12, 2011 at 10:19 AM delete

It looks gorgeous!! I love quick and easy projects that turn out well :) Your fabric is positively lovely!