SSS Days 26-30

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I am drowning in work. Everyone keep your fingers crossed I can get through this week! However, now that SSS is over I can just wear sweatpants for the next 6 days and not have to think about what I'm wearing... There's a silver lining for ya!

Also, my pictures this week are more terrible than usual because my boyfriend stole back his nice camera and my old crummy camera isn't working so I had to resort to cell phone pics exclusively. To top it off, it took me a few days to realize that the bathroom at work is the best cell phone pic location, so the first 2 pictures are especially terrible. Sorry :)

Day 26: Tie Front blouse; worn for a million hours of work

Day 27: Black and Grey Floral dress; worn for a million hours of work

Day 28: Lions and Tigers and Zebras dress; worn for a million hours of work

Day 29: Ruffle Front Sorbetto; worn for a million hours of work

Day 30: Wanted to Finish Where I Started; worn for a million hours of work, then margaritas...

Observations: This month was SO much easier than Me Made March. I did not have a single day where I stressed about what to wear and I was able to wear something new everyday! (with the exception of my denim pencil skirt which I wore with several different tops) I even have a bunch of things left that I didn't get around to wearing! I'm guessing, based on this fact that I've at least doubled my self made wardrobe since March. Not too shabby for such a lazy girl...

Happy Friday Darlings!


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October 1, 2011 at 7:48 PM delete

Great ending to your month! Still in love with your grey ruffle version of Sorbetto. :)

Magpie Mimi
October 2, 2011 at 3:04 AM delete

Really like Day 27 dress and the ruffle sorbetto is a winner too! Well done on getting to the end of what sounds like a very stressful week! I'm with you on the margaritas though! yum yum!