MMM Days 21-27

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Last full week! So part of my goal in this challenge was to wear something different that I made every day and this week I totally failed! Monday I accidentally wore the dress I wore on Day 6! Anyway, I figured once I broke my one rules, I didn't have to stress anymore about coming up with new things to wear anymore. Because of that, I've ended up wearing some of the exact same outfits as earlier in the month so I'm just posting the same pictures as before...

Day 21: Same dress as Day 6, Coffee Date dress from The Selfish Seamstress, made with sheets from Walmart.

Day 22: Dress from Day 7, Simplicity 2406, thinking about making another version of this dress because it's so easy and doesn't use that much fabric...

Day 23: This top is from McCalls 5804, which is out of print. Instead of the neck tie I made a ruffle, which isn't really ruffly enough in my opinion, but I still think it works. Made this a few weeks ago but I hadn't worn it yet. I think it will go well with the white suit I ordered a few days ago. I love this pattern, but I feel like it might be too distinctive looking to have several versions of...

Day 24: Board meeting day, same dress as Day 2. Clearly I haven't done much sewing lately! Must work on that!

Day 25: Top from McCalls 5804, same as Wednesday but sewn according to instructions... (sometimes I follow the rules :)

Day 26: 2 re-makes, purple dress for running around with the family during the day, green dress for a party in Austin, TX to premiere a documentary airing on PBS this summer following the growing olive industry in Texas. Such a fun party! My family apparently has the oldest olive trees in Texas growing on in the backyard of my grandmother's home so we're in the documentary. SO EXCITING! Can't wait for it to air!

Day 27: Dress from Day 6, Simplicity 3835 for dinner with the parents before they leave on their cruise tomorrow. Have fun mom and dad!

As great as this challenge has been though, I'm glad to see it coming to an end in the next few days, not because I don't enjoy wearing the things I've made, but because I miss a lot of my ready to wear pieces! However, this challenge has really caused me to ramp up my sewing and finish projects more quickly, so I'm hoping that sticks!

Have a great week!


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Wow! Beautiful! I have greatly enjoyed your MMM, you have variety and creativity to show suits. Fantastic.

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I love your fabric choices! If you figure out a way to put a zipper into that Cynthia Rowley, please share! I have the pattern but I don't think I could get away with wearing a backless dress to work...or anyplace else in my everyday life... so I haven't attempted it yet.

p.s. I have heard that the sleeves in the Built by Wendy mini are really tight and that many people have to cut out a larger size to accommodate their normal arms. So no worries! It looks great anyway!

April 5, 2011 at 3:27 PM delete

Thanks so much for your sweet comments! I feel so much better after hearing about those sleeves!

As far as the Cynthia Rowley dress goes, I ended up just sewing up the back seam to about 3 inches from the top and using a button and loop closure. The dress is pretty loose and my fabric has a little bit of strech so I can get it over my head. You should definitely make it! It's super cute and goes together pretty easily.